Car Inspection & Detailing

Get Peace of Mind with ECO Inspection & Verification Service!

If you are out in the automobile market seeking for a great used bike, scooter, or car, then make sure you don’t get into a trap. Before you buy a pre-owned vehicle, do not forget to get it inspected. Auto Inspection is the simplest way to know health of a used vehicle, so that you don’t end up buying not-so-great bike, scooter or car.

Auto Inspection & Verification

Droom offers auto inspection and verification service to give you peace of mind and trust you require before buying a vehicle. Auto inspection or vehicle inspection offer an unbiased vehicle evaluation report given by an industry professional. This helps in estimating the actual selling price or buying price of a used vehicle based on its condition, quality, and performance of the vehicle.

Get Eco inspection and verification service for a vehicle you are buying or selling from Droom. ECO is India’s most advanced, independent, objective and unbiased auto inspection and verification service provider.

Inspection is performed using ECO’s proprietary methodology by experts revealing real-time facts and figures. 121 points inspection checklist is mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive covering all the important points needed in verifying or inspecting a vehicle. Best part is that ECO offers doorstep service starting at ₹282 for a bike and ₹512 for a car. WOW! After the completion of inspection/ verification, a digital report is sent to your registered email id. Isn’t it quick and easy?

No anxiety. No hassle. Get your vehicle inspected before buying or selling. You can also check or download Droom app for Android or iOS to buy your next new or used motorcycle, car, scooter or more. At Droom you will find lowest price, widest selection, verified sellers and verified vehicles. Hurry up! Buy Now!


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