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Diwali Auto Mela 2019: Best New & Used Cars, Bikes, Scooters Offers

Festive Season has already arrived with the commencement of Ganesh Chaturthi! And now we are on the mid of Festive Season were Navratri has arrived and Eid and Diwali are on the way.

In this auspicious occasion of festival, when each and every person is excepting something new, Droom has come up with Diwali Auto Mela 2019 – the largest Auto Mela of all times is here!

Diwali Auto Deals 2019

You will find amazing deals and offers in Droom Diwali Auto Mela, which will ultimately leave you in awe!

Let’s start with merchandize:

Unbelievably! You will get each and every merchandize at Rs. 9 only.

  • Helmet that will save you from accidents as well as from traffic rules Rs. 100 fines, and whose actual price is Rs.900, is now available at Droom at Rs. 9 only
  • Car Perfume that will protect you from bad odor and will also refresh your mood, and whose actual price is Rs. 250, is now available at Droom at Rs. 9 only
  • Sipper that will assist you to keep water handy, and whose actual price is Rs. 500 is now available at Rs. 9 only

Just remember one vital point, this deal will keep on changing every hour, so keep a track of the pricing to avail the deal at the lowest possible price- Rs. 9. But, you will get it for sure!

Let’s come to Diwali offers on new cars, new bikes, used cars and used bikes -the main part of the deal:

You can also see the game of 9 over here.

  • Two wheeler Diwali deals 2019 – Two-wheelers, that is bikes and scooters, are available at Rs. 999 only
  • Four wheeler Diwali offers 2019 – Cars, 4 wheelers and 5-seater vehicles, such as Swift, Hyundai i10 or i20, are available at Rs. 9999 only
  • Luxury cars Diwali offers 2019 – Premium and Luxury cars, such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, are available at Rs. 99999 only

The best part is every day a lucky customer can enjoy Diwali offers on new bike, used bike offers or Diwali scooter offers 2019 and under these offers you can get a two-wheeler at Rs. 999 only.

Every week a lucky person can avail best used car deals and new car deals to get a car at Rs. 9999 only.

Every month the luckiest person will get a premium or luxury car at Rs. 99999 only.

But you should not delay your actions as the Diwali Auto Mela 2019 has already started from 6th September and it will continue till 31st October 2019. Mark your calendar the start and end dates of Droom Diwali Auto Mela.

So, hurry up, visit right now or download Droom app, to avail the amazing offers before the countdown gets over.


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