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Maintaining your car is one of the most important things to do. Especially if your car is to survive regular use, it is always mandatory to recognize the importance of maintaining your car as best as possible. Here are some of the best car care hacks with the help of some everyday objects:

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Clean the Headlights

• It is important to recognize the importance of cleaning the headlights of the car on a regular basis.
• Clear headlights not only ensure clear view but add a touch of resplendent elegance to your car. So you can use a brush and toothpaste to clean the headlights on a regular basis.

Take Care of the Scratches

• Regular usage of the car may end up inflicting minor scratches here and there on the body of the car. It is of special importance to be vigilant on the presence of scratches on the car surface.
• They not only destroy the paint but also occlude the general splendor of the vehicle to a considerable degree.
• One way to get rid of scratches is to apply streaks of the same color as that of your car into the affected places. It is a very effective technique and immensely affordable too.

Clean the Dashboard

• With time the dashboard of a car tends to show cracks here and there. However, with a regular care, the cracks might be prevented from surfacing.

• One of the most useful things is the application of olive oil on the dashboard. Apart from keeping the dashboard sleek and shiny, it also induces a certain level of moisture which keeps the potential fissures at bay.

Maintain the Wipers

• The wipers are of special importance during the rainy season. However, with daily usage, they might tend to leave scratches on the surface every time you use them.

• Therefore, it is important to take care of the wipers on a daily basis. The best that can be done is to apply some rubbing alcohol.

• Alcohol prevents the wipers from smearing the windshield whenever you use them. The front glass, therefore, remains clear during the rainy season.

Use of Conditioners to Keep your Car Clean

• After having washed the car, the surface is sleek and shiny. However, in order to give an extra tinge of shine, it is advised to use a conditioner with lanolin.

• The combination of conditioner and lanolin is one of the best instruments in bestowing that extra splendor on your car.
Tackle the Menace of Pet Fur

• For people traveling with their pets, it is usually a menace as the animals tend to shed furs which get stuck in remote corners here and there.
• The best way to tackle the menace of fur is to make use of a squeegee.
• First, spray water into the area clogged with fur in order to loosen up the grip of the fur. Then, remove the bits of hair with the help of a squeegee.

Deodorize Your Car

• Often the car interiors tend to stink thanks to the litter of food crumbs here and there.

• The best way to get rid of the smell is to apply baking soda which is a great deodorizing agent.

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