Best Value-for-Money Used Cars

The used car market in India is currently more than the new car market. In the financial year of 2017-2018, 3.8 million used cars were sold in India. In the Used Car market, some models show higher depreciation than the others.

Best Value-for-Money Used Cars

The following are some of the best cars that provide value for money in the used car segment.

1. Maruti Alto

Maruti Alto is an entry-level hatchback. The newer models have a slim front grille, headlamp, power windows and a central locking system. This is among the friendliest hatchbacks for city roads and offers excellent mileage. Available as a petrol engine and CNG.


• Engine: 796cc 3cylinder motor petrol engine /69 Newton metre
• Mileage: 24.7 kilometres per litre


• Rs 1.85 lakhs to 2.3 lakhs

2. Maruti Swift

Swift by Maruti Suzuki is essentially a hatch version of the Sedan. With a sporty look and spacious interiors, this car comes in several variants. The unique design makes it amongst the most spacious hatchback, even in the rear. Both manual and automatic transmission vehicles are available in the used car market.


• Engine (1.2-litre Diesel): 1248cc engine with 74 brake horsepower
• Mileage: 19.74 kilometres per litre within city limits
• Engine (1.2-litre Petrol): 1197cc engine with 81.8 brake horsepower
• Mileage (ARAI): 22 kilometres per litre


Rs 2.3 lakhs to 5 lakhs

3. Hyundai i10

With a sleek design and powerful engine, Hyundai i10 comes with a lot of accessories. You will be able to find both old and new cars in the used cars market. The car offers among the best suspension in the hatchback category and is stable even at high speeds.


• Engine: 1197 cc engine with 81 brake horsepower
• Mileage (ARAI): 19.77 kilometres per litre


Rs 2.7lakhs to 4.8 lakhs

4. Honda Brio

Honda Brio is an easily available hatchback. It is great for the city roads and easy to drive. The car has both manual and automatic options. The vehicle comes with a peppy engine and Honda’s ownership experience does not cause much trouble.


• Engine: 1.2-litre petrol engine with 86.8 brake horsepower
• Mileage: 15.8 kilometres per litre within city limits


Rs 3.0 lakhs to 4 lakhs

5. Ford Fiesta

With a solid look and feel, Ford Fiesta has a good built quality. It is tough to find a new-generation model in the used car market; however old cars can be sourced easily. The vehicle offers excellent reliability, among the best in the hatchback segment and it does not break down easily. With a novel design, it stands out among the other cars in the segment.


• Engine: 1498 cc engine with 89.75 brake horsepower

Price Range

• Upwards of Rs 2.5 lakhs for the old model
• Upwards of Rs 4.5 lakhs for the new model

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