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5 Simple Tricks That Can Get You a Better Mileage!

One of the major concern for a lot of car owners is the mileage. It is so important that people change their choices for cars solely based on their mileage. Well according to us, this definitely matters. In addition to saving your pocket, a better mileage does a whole lot of good to the environment than one can think! So we bring to you five simple tricks that can save a whole lot of money for the car owner as well as make the environment a little better for all of us:

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Driving with optimal tyre pressure remarkably alters the mileage for good. Reduced tyre pressure means increased contact area between the tyre and the road hence more fuel consumption. According to US Energy Information Administration, driving with optimal pressured tyres can help save as much as 800,000 barrels of oil each day! Quite a save don’t you think?

Your tyres lose as much as 0.15 bar of pressure each month. So it is important to check your tyre pressure at least once a month and while doing so, make sure the tyres are cold.


Over revving and hard braking should be avoided as much as possible. Treat the accelerator and the break paddle with respect. As much fun it sounds and feels, over revving and hard braking does harm your vehicle’s efficiency.


An idling car is effectively burning the fuel without going anywhere. So if you keep your engine up while waiting for longer time, you are getting an effective mileage of 0 kmpl at that time. So be smart! If waiting period is more than a minute, switching off your engine is the right thing to do.


Your car’s fuel efficiency has a lot to do with how it parts air on the move or its aerodynamics. Now if you keep your windows open, even partly, at higher speed can lead to lower mileage owing to the increase in the drag.

Contrary to the popular belief, you can actually save more fuel by keeping your windows shut and the air condition on. Not to mention all that pollution and noise you avoid.


One of the most effective trick in increasing the fuel efficiency of one’s car and overlooked by many is the weight of the car. The heavier the car, bigger its thirst! Now you definitely cannot exclude the integral parts but just by checking for unnecessary items in the boot can take you a long way.

So ditch that child safety seat you don’t use anymore, the spare tyre that’s not fit for use or even the tonnes of garbage that you lug around.

Keeping you car clean including its interior parts like filters can save a lot of fuel than you think. Driving your car with dirty filters like the air filter or the oil filter will only make you shed more money in the pump.

None of these tips require much effort to implement. All you need to do is be a bit alert to these requirements and drive your way richer! After all a penny saved is a penny earned.

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