Why the world needs droom?

We believe the vehicle buying and selling process is completely broken and antiquated. The automobile is a century old industry but buying and selling automobile has not kept pace with the natural evolution based on the Darwinian theory. We know how stressful it is to buy and sell used vehicle. For buyer, right from making up mind on a right kind of vehicle to vehicle price and negotiations, seller background & verification to vehicle history etc., specs/features/options, payment options — the vehicle buying experience can cause high level of anxiety. Similarly, the seller has so many pain points, such as — access to a potential buyer quickly, right price, committed buyer, no issues with payments, perfect execution of paperwork etc.

At droom, we are very passionate about bringing innovations & disruptions and changing buying and selling automobiles. With our marketplace approach, technologies, and analytics, we enable transaction between two users by bringing transparency, building trust and mitigating information asymmetry.


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