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BMW 7 Series – Jury’s Choice New Luxury Sedan of the Year

Luxury comes with exclusiveness and to be exclusive is everyone’s wishes for but only few can afford. The exclusive sensation of the automobile industry is none other than BMW 7 Series.The elegant and graceful vehicle that urges the desire to own has been selected as the New Luxury Sedan of the year.
The nominations for the first award category are:

  • BMW 7 Series
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid

The winner of ‘New Luxury Sedan of the year’ is BMW 7 Series.

BMW 7 Series- New Luxury Sedan of the year

Judging Methodology

The vehicles in this category are highly elegant.The Jury panel members finalisation procedure was fair enough and none of the members were under any influence of the brands.The selected vehicles in the category should not have run for more than 5000 kms.The judgement is based on the Jury panels test drive results under the supervision of the distinguished automotive industry experts.The set parameters were predetermined and assisted the panel members to score the vehicles accordingly, finally we got our highest scorers.

About BMW 7 Series

Your very own chauffer—the 2020 BMW 7-series is a classy and elegant choice. The steering is light,the ride is super soft and filled with comfort features all along the way. The 745e plug-in’s combination of a turbocharged six-cylinder engine and an electric motor.
Whichever car’s drive mode you select, the suspension is purely soft. The BMW 7-series has adequate grip and the light steering increases the feeling of satisfaction.
Every single one, from the 740i’s 320-hp turbocharged inline-six to the M760i’s insane 601-hp twin-turbo V-12, the rides will be velvety smooth and will give you the feel of a more muscular machine. Buyers seeking good fuel economy can opt for the 745e plug-in hybrid model. Along with the power here comes the technology, the 7-series is best when it is equipped with the optional semi-automatic driving mode, here you can sit back and leave the driving to the machine itself. Engines and transmissions are second to none in the industry.

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