Top Budget Luxury Cars in India

Car lovers always enjoy witnessing luxury cars and who doesn’t wish to own one when there are luxury cars in low budget by some of the renowned brands? Without a doubt, luxury cars are always fascinating and almost every one of us has dreamt about owning them one day and there is nothing wrong with that. Some of the luxury beauties can be worth crores of rupees but don’t be disheartened as there are some of the entry-level luxury cars that won’t make a hole in your pocket. Below is the list of budget luxury cars in India from some of the leading luxury manufacturers.

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List of Budget Luxury Cars 2022

Here is list of low budget luxury cars in India:

Budget Friendly Luxury Cars 2021

Audi Q2

Price: 35 Lakhs

Audi is one of the omnipresent luxury cars one can easily spot on Indian roads. The major reason why car lovers really go for Audi is not that it is a luxury car but it is a luxury power-packed car. From A series sedans to SUV’s of Q series; each car of Audi is tastefully manufactured and assembled. However, if you wish to own the best luxury car in a budget then go for Audi Q2 which is the most affordable Audi in India.

Specifications of Audi Q2:

Max Power (bhp@rpm): 187.74bhp@4200-600rpm

Max Torque (Nm@rpm): 320nm@1500-4180rpm

Fuel Type: Petrol

Transmission Type: Automatic

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

Price: 39.50 Lakhs

BMW is a German manufacturer and this car brand is synonymous with luxury, style, comfort and high-grade vehicles. However, there are numerous variants of BMW and each has a different price range but if you dream of owning a BMW in budget then you can go for the low budget luxury car-BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe. It is one of the budget friendly luxury cars in India.

Specifications of BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe:

Max Power (bhp@rpm): 189bhp@5000rpm

Max Torque (Nm@rpm): 280nm@1350rpm

Fuel Type: Petrol

Transmission Type: Automatic

Mercedes Benz A-Class

Price: 41.54 Lakhs

Mercedes three-pointed star is something that catches the attention of everyone. This brand is known to offer the perfect amalgamation of performance, style, and luxury. The presence of Mercedes in India is quite widespread and it is one of the most preferred luxury car brands that also falls in the list of budget luxury cars like Mercedes Benz A-Class.

Specifications of Mercedes Benz A-Class:

Max Power (bhp@rpm): 122bhp@5000rpm

Max Torque (Nm@rpm): 200nm@1250-4000rpm

Fuel Type: Petrol

Transmission Type: Automatic

Volvo XC40

Price: 41.25 Lakhs

We all at some point in time have travelled in the luxury Volvo buses. This brand is known for making luxurious and powerful machines and Volvo cars are synonyms with pure luxury and comfort. Volvo XC40 is another best budget friendly luxury car that one can choose while thinking of buying a luxury car in low budget.

Specifications Volvo XC40:

Max Power (bhp@rpm): 187.40bhp

Max Torque (Nm@rpm): 300nm

Fuel Type: Petrol

Transmission Type: Automatic

Jaguar XE

Price: 46.64 Lakhs

Jaguar is a name that is well-known to many and this brand’s cars have been featured in many pop music videos. Owned by Tata Motors, The Jaguar Land Rover Limited continues to make car enthusiasts fall in love with luxury cars.  The most affordable sedan from Jaguar is XE which is budget friendly and gives all the luxury feels. So, consider Jaguar XE in case you’re looking for the best options of luxury cars in low budget.

Specifications of Jaguar XE:

Max Power (bhp@rpm): 246.74bhp@5500rpm

Max Torque (Nm@rpm): 365nm@1500-4000rpm

Fuel Type: Petrol

Transmission Type: Automatic

Consider the above-mentioned budget friendly options for luxury cars and own one soon with Droom. Also, get it delivered to your doorstep. All these cars have a chic appearance along with comfort and luxury.

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