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Tips To Clean Leather Car Seat Covers

Leather car seat covers are preferred by many car owners as these type of seat covers enhance the look and feel of the interiors of any car. Leather seat covers provide a premium look to your car’s cabin and complement the other aesthetic features. However, the leather material needs more care than the fabric materials and you need to take good care of your leather upholstery. Here, we have discussed some tips to clean leather car seat covers.

Tips To Clean Leather Car Seat Covers

  • First of all, read your car manual properly before you clean the seats or apply any product on it. Specific instruction regarding cleaning the leather seats will be given there.
  • Then use a vacuum cleaner to clean the seats and make sure that no dirt or dust remains there. But do it very carefully so that you don’t scratch the leather.
  • To deep clean the leather, use a soft brush. Spray the cleaner onto the seats and then clean it up with a soft brush by scrubbing the leather gently. However, in case of perforated leather seats, spray the cleaner on the brush instead of spraying it directly on the seats and then gently rub it on the leather material.
  • At last, wipe the seats clean with a soft and dry cotton cloth.

To maintain the leather seat covers properly, you need to clean it on a regular basis. Keeping in mind the above-mentioned steps, you should clean your car’s leather seat covers at least once in a month. However, if you see the seats getting dusty soon, you may clean it more often.


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