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Renault Kwid – Jury’s Choice Pre-Owned Hatchback of the Year

Renault Kwid – Winner in the category of Jury’s Choice Pre-Owned Hatchback of the year

Renault Kwid has been named as the best Pre-Owned Hatchback of the Year by the esteemed Jury members of Droom Pre-Owned Auto Awards 2.

Congratulations to all the Renault Kwid owners as your very own Renault Kwid came out to be the winner among several other Hatchback four wheelers. Renault Kwid faced tough competition from “Pro Nissan Micra”, but despite all the odds, Our very own Renault Kwid came out on top.

Renault Kwid - Pre-Owned Hatchback of the Year

Judging Methodology

Although there were several cars falling under this category, based on different tests we finalised our top vehicles for this segment. Then those were tested on the rugged tracks of Buddh International Circuit on Droom Track Day by the jury members and were rated accordingly. Finally based on the scores given by the jury members, we got the winners.The final result and the winners was announced at Droom Pre-Owned Auto Awards 2, the grand event at ITC Maurya on 20th Dec.

About Renault Kwid

The new Renault KWID comes equipped with a host of impressive features that ensure an enhanced driving experience. The new Renault KWID is built to stand out with new, pronounced exteriors that add prominence to the car’s renowned SUV look and dual tone interiors that leave a lasting impression.The new Renault KWID’s Smart Control Efficiency (SCe) engine technology for accurate air-to-fuel ratio monitoring optimises performance and fuel efficiency. The compact 1.0- litre 3-cylinder Smart Control Efficiency (SCe) engine powering both KWID models has been optimised for power and performance. Drivers will enjoy its good responsiveness wide torque band across the rpm range. An extremely fuel efficient petrol powered engine, it’s paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox and delivers an incredible 4.71 litres/100 km.
The suspension system of the KWID is carefully calibrated for an optimum and memorable ride. These are few of the features that proves the worthiness of this vehicle and could make anyone crave for the same.

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