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Droom Car Perfume Sale Sells 30,000 Units In Two Deals

Droom, the first and only online marketplace for automobiles and related services in India, carried out Droom Car Perfume Sale on 12th September 2017, which started at 11 a.m. on Droom’s website. This was the second edition of Droom Car Perfume Sale, and we, at Droom, witnessed a great sales performance this time. In just two deals of Droom Car Perfume Sale, we have sold close to 30,000 car perfumes, which is a great number to begin with. We offered car perfumes at a jaw dropping amount of Re 1, which are originally priced at Rs 249. This way, our customers saved 99% on their car perfume purchase.

Car Perfumes Sale - Sold Out

Our exciting Car Perfume deal is live only once in a month, and you can make the most of this opportunity by just visiting Droom’s website and buy some of the best car perfumes at an unbelievable offer price. Droom’s Get Set Helmet deal is famous amongst the two-wheeler owners where we offer high quality helmets at just Rs 9. And now, we have come up with the car perfume deal for the four-wheeler owners on popular demand.

Even if you have missed the deal, you can still get these perfumes at a price of Rs 99 only. Visit here for the same:

Moreover, you can also buy car perfumes from Droom Merchandising Store where we also offer other Droom-branded items such as mugs, t-shirts, pens, helmets, etc., at very affordable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Visit and order your favourite perfume now. Our stocks are limited, so get the best deal for yourself before it is gone.


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