Save Your New Car from Dents – Learn Driving on Used Cars

Learning to drive is one of the biggest exhilarating experience that an adult experience in his life.

However as with any other learning, you are bound to make mistakes. It is common for new learners to have their cars dented from various places. However, one should not learn to drive on new cars but prefer used cars. But not every car is right to learn the basics of driving.

used cars in pune

Here is the list of used cars that you can use to drive how to drive –

  1. Chevrolet Spark:

This car has smaller dimensions which means easy cornering and manoeuvrability. Also, the car has decent fuel economy of 16kmpl which means more kilometres, more practice!  Also, the car is quite affordable to maintain which means less burden on your pocket.

The car has clear glass headlamps, chic rear tail lamps, an advanced SMARTECH engine that makes it worthwhile to purchase. The car is popular among those looking to buy used car in Gurgaon.

You can get a Chevrolet spark for as low as Rs. 1.34 Lacs for the 2010 model.

  1. Honda Brio:

This small compact hatchback from the Japanese auto giant has a 1.2 L petrol engine that pumps out 86bhp of power, enough to give the driving rookie thrills. The measurements of the car are quite small that makes it a perfect car for the ones learning to drive. In fact, the car is one of the top-selling used cars in Pune.

The top-end variant of the car gets airbags which is must-have safety accessory for the newbies. You can get Honda Brio as low as Rs. 1.79 Lacs for the 2012 model.

  1. Ford Figo:

This American muscle proves to be a perfect car for the new drivers as it is loaded with tons of safety feature like ABS, airbags, external mirror caps with turn blinkers, and more. The Figo makes a 121 bhp of power which is powerful hatchback.

The car has a good fuel efficiency in the range of 16kmpl – 26kmpl depending upon the variant. One can get a Ford Figo for as low as Rs. 1.2 Lacs for the 2011 model which makes it one of the top used cars under 2 lakhs.

  1. Maruti Ritz:

The car is available in both petrol and diesel variants. What makes the car apt for the ones eager to learn is the light steering and a good fuel efficiency. The gearshift is light and does not take much efforts to change gears in heavy traffic.

The K-12 series engine pumps out 84 bhp of power and an impressive torque of 114Nm that makes it effortless in climbing steep roads! With a fuel efficiency of 20kmpl, the car is good for long driving lessons!

You can afford to park Maruti Ritz with just Rs. 1.2 lacs for the 2010 model.

At this price point, it is a top-selling second hand cars in Hyderabad.

Learning to drive is fun if the experience is gained with the right car. The above-mentioned cars are perfect for those looking to get their hands on the steering wheel for the first time!

Safe Driving!

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