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Check Affordability of Your Next Vehicle With Droom!

With the rapid change in economics and the lifestyle, cars have become much more than a medium of transportation. Today, cars are the symbol of status and luxury. Everyone wants to own a superb car that conveys a ton about their personality and style. But before you invest into your next car, make sure to check the affordability range and EMI deducting your monthly expense.

affordability calculater

India’s most trusted motorplace, Droom offers various pre-buying discovery tool to ease the stress of researching and finalizing your next vehicle. Droom’s Affordability Calculator offers a simple yet smart way of calculating your monthly expenses so that you can intelligently plan your next vehicle.

Affordability Calculator helps any user check the affordable price and EMI range at which he/she can buy a vehicle based on the income and expenditures entered by the user on a monthly basis. It’s has a simple user interface and takes user’s monthly income and expenses as an input. It asks for values for

  • Salary
  • Rent
  • Food & Entertainment Expenses
  • Credit Card Expense/month
  • Home Loan EMI
  • Education Loan EMI
  • Other Loan EMI
  • Utilities
  • Other Expenses
  • Loan Details like Repayment Tenure and Interest Rate per annum

On the bases of these inputes Affordability Calculator gives output as the affordable range under which you can buy the vehicle and the EMI which will be payable, and Disposable income (Monthly income minus Monthly expenditures).

As in such unstable economic times going by the budget is equally important while maintaining a sophisticated lifestyle. It’s a great tool for you to know the actual picture of your budget, so that you don’t end up buying something that becomes too hard on your pocket.

At you can also find great deals on used bikes, cars, scooters and more. So, hurry.

Have a happy shopping!

Droom is an automobile e-commerce platform offering a 21st-century automotive buying experience online with its four value pillars including trust, selection, low price, and convenience second to none. It offers 250k+ vehicles online in 1,100 cities — both used and new. Droom deals in buying and selling cars, 2-wheelers, and other vehicles too. It is an AI and data science-driven platform designed with the best ecosystem tools. Here, we have a team of auto-experts and auto enthusiasts who are dedicated to covering every sphere of the auto industry by simplifying the procedure of buying and selling with Unified Droom Experience. To know more, click here.

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