Best Price for Your Used Car is Just a Click Away

It has been observed that in India more number of used cars are sold and bought as compared to new cars. The ratio goes like for every new car, 1.6 used cars are sold. The fascination of Indian people towards the used cars, will help you to sell second hand car that too at a great price range.

To start this process or to be a part of this process, you can rely on some trusted reliable online portal like Droom, who provides an unbiased platform, where both buyers and sellers meet and involve in a fruitful transaction. The best part is they not only get the platform to carry out the transaction, they get the assistance of different other facilities of evaluating the right price of the pre-owned cars, checking the history of the car, getting the inspection done by a professional technician to find the hidden facts, availing the easy financing option and many more.

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How to get the best price of used car?

We all know that when a buyer decides to choose a pre-owned vehicle above a new one, the driving factor behind this decision is the price. The price of a used car is much lower than a new car and fits the buyers’ pocket, so the popularity of second hand cars are increasing. The days are gone when sellers used to quote any price for their used cars and cheat the buyers. Now, with the intervention of trustworthy platforms like Droom, the price of any used cars is determined with the help of some tools like Orange Book Value (OBV). Whenever, a seller wants to sell used car online, he/she gets the option to check the accurate price of the car with the help of OBV. As per the details provided by you as a seller and the other details collected by the professionals while you list your used cars online, the price of the car is determined. OBV offers a price bracket for your car, which gives you a fair idea what should be your vehicle’s price. But it is completely up to you whether you want to use the price tag within that bracket or not.

How to sell vehicle online?

When the confusion arises ‘how to sell my car?’, Droom comes up with the perfect solution. You may be an individual who has one or two pre-owned cars, and you want to sell second hand car instantly,  in that case you will opt for QuickSell option. This is the most effortless selling option, where you can list your car instantly and reach up to 3 lakhs certified auto dealers and sell second hand car with a few days through live online auction. This the fastest way of selling any pre-owned cars.

However, the option way for individual seller to sell used car online is to create your listing on Droom by filling a simple form, then buyer chooses your vehicle and commits for it by paying 3% token amount, followed by meeting of buyer and seller and buyer pays the remaining 97%. This completes the transaction and the seller handovers the keys. That 3% token amount later gets paid to the seller after deducting the selling service fee.

This goes for the individual seller. However, when it comes to dealers or companies dealing with selling vehicles, they come under the Pro-Seller group. Here also the dealer creates listing on Droom, followed by buyer choosing the vehicle and commits to pay 3% token amount. Then, the interested buyer meets the Pro-seller and pays the remaining 97% to the dealer. The seller gets the remaining 3% from Droom after selling service fee deduction. This completes the transaction as the seller handovers the keys to the buyer and buyer drives home with his/her new vehicle.

This is magic of transaction of used vehicle through Droom, as you as a seller will never feel ashamed of showcasing your car to everyone and the buyer will never fell ashamed of buying a used car. A buyer will always get the ‘new wali’ feeling from a used car, because afterall its new for the new user.

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