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How to Check Accident History of a Vehicle in India?

To check car accident history is one of the most important things you should do before making the payment for a used car. Buying a car is no simple feat. All those hours of planning, finding a reliable source, checking the condition, and managing the necessary finances. Now, when you are buying something with your hard-earned money, the least you expect is to get worth for your money.

While the selection of car and managing finances are taken care of earlier, how do you keep off the suspicion of buying something damaged?

Check Vehicle Accident History

We are going to discuss all of it and more to make sure that you get hold of a top-notch used car for your benefit.

Key points of the article:

  • Why you should check out the accident history?
  • Tips to find out the accident history
  • Where to check the accident history record?

So, without further ado, here is the pertinent set of information to help you make an informed buying decision.

Why you should check out the vehicle accident history?

Buying a car is all about being prepared for buying the best used car. You cannot exactly expect the car owner to share every bit of accidental history. They, as a seller, want the best price for their car even if that means withholding information which can bring the price down. As a buyer, it is your prerogative to ask necessary questions about vehicle accident history and find out the exact condition of the car you are looking to purchase.

Better pricing deal

At times the life span, condition, and even the aesthetic appeal of car components take a hit due to accidents. While these factors do not cause much concern, as they do not hamper the performance, these factors tend to have a direct impact on the resale value of the car. You can negotiate for a lesser price with a car accident history report.

Get your money’s worth

It is no wonder that today, many e-commerce portals offer to conduct a comprehensive vehicle check to determine the Fair market price of a used car. Based on the accidental history and vehicle history, a fair market price is generated by the automated systems. This helps to bring both the seller and buyer onto a common ground to decide on the selling price.

With accidental information, not only do you get to know about car components but also have the power to negotiate for a better selling price.

Now, the question is if the seller is withholding the accidental information, how can you find it out?

Tips to find out the vehicle accident history

Vehicle Accidental History Records

It would surely be helpful if you bring along a professional who can spot minor changes and gauge the car performance by listening to the sound of the revving engine. However, you can simply follow the below-mentioned checklist to find out about the accident history of the car.

1. Service record after accident

It is the easiest way to check if the car has been involved in an accident or not. A genuine seller will be forthcoming with the details and help you see if the car components were changed or serviced in the service record. You will be better able to judge the condition of the car and identify the part which might need further maintenance.

2. Scratches and dents

Though scratch and dents are the first things you observe in a car, bike or scooter. Usually, post the accidental damage the owners get rid of these. However, you can still find traces of it on the sides or a complete info from scooter accident history.

3. Repaint

The only way to check for repainting is to run your hands across the car hood or sides to feel an uneven filling. You can easily spot the difference in the coating in daylight.

4. Panel gaps or door gaps

A high impact accident usually distorts the car structure. As a result, a gap forms between the body panels or doors. See if the car doors lock properly and any gap, if it exists, between the body panels.

5. Airbag panels’ colour

In an accident, the airbags pop out open and the housing that keeps the air bags enclosed has to be replaced. Post the accident, the airbag panels are usually replaced and if you find that these panels are shiny new compared to the car interiors there is a strong possibility that the car was involved in an accident.

Besides these, check if there is any crack on the windshield or if the seatbelts are properly safeguarding the people once the seatbelts are locked.

Where to check the accident history record?

You can simply go online to check the accident history record of any car you are looking to buy. Droom, for example, with its extensive directory of 200 Million registered vehicles in India helps you to check the vehicle history which includes accident history, service history, flood damage, insurance history, theft history, and other necessary details within few seconds. Even for a bike accident history, you can get the vehicle record online at Droom.

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