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How to Check the Service Record of a Vehicle?

The service history of a car is one of the most important checklist parameters to find out the true condition of a car. As a buyer many questions crop up once you check out available buying options. Are the car components in prime condition? Do I have to pay extra to get the components replaced or repaired? Has the vehicle been serviced properly from time to time? These are some of the questions that are very well answered by accessing the service record of a vehicle.

check service records of vehicle

In this blog, we are going to cover every facet of vehicle service history. Even if you have no idea of the service record, you have nothing to worry about as we are going to take up every associated factor point by point.

  • What is a service record?
  • Tips to check the vehicle service history
  • Benefits of service record

What is a service record?

Every car owner takes out their car for servicing. However, not many would be aware of what servicing is all about. From an oil change, engine filters to the timing belt, there is a lot of information stored in the service record which helps you find out the exact condition of the car you are looking to buy.

Check Vehicle Service Records

For example, the timing belt has to be replaced after every 100,000 miles or so. So, if the previous owner has not replaced the belt, you have to pay extra cash to get it replaced.

As a buyer, it becomes your responsibility to check all the necessary information, and the service history of car is your guide to put all your concerns at rest. All in all, a service record gives elaborate information about the car and its owner.

Tips to check the service record of a vehicle

You can easily check out the service record by getting in touch with the vehicle owner, servicing center, or simply go online to find out the service record on the go.

  • Owner service book

Every time a car goes in for servicing, a record of all the work is documented with receipts and a service book manual. This is where you find out how trustworthy the seller is. An honest seller would be forthcoming with all the details and assist you to find out the condition of the car.

  • Dealership records

In case the owner is dilly-dallying and starts giving excuses about the service books, you can inquire about the servicing center they got their car serviced at. The service center maintains a database of their own of each car that comes to their center.

  • Check car service records online

With all the tech innovations happening around the world, today, it is possible to check the car service record online for free. Many online automobile e-commerce portals have an extensive directory of vehicle service records. You can do so online from the very confines of your home and get all the details within a few minutes.

There are times when you see people not happy with their purchase or complain about buying a faulty car. This is not something which you have to endure post buying a car. So, make sure you access the car service record for a better understanding to make an informed decision.

Benefits of vehicle service record

It is all about enjoying that perfect drive in your car. The sweet sound of the revving engine as you accelerate towards newfound joy with a new car.

  • Precise car information

Every tiny bit of car information is recorded into the service records of a car. Do not depend on others to help you with the information. Take up the responsibility and find out the precise car information with service records.

  • Better negotiating power

Once you know about the faulty components, you can negotiate for a better selling price with the owner. You can simply point out the faulty parts and keep the negotiation discussions to a minimum.

  • Pay for its exact worth

A machine goes through wear and tear which impacts the resale value of a car. You have a fair assessment of the car and its components. With a service record, you can pay for the exact worth of a car and not put your trust into the word of mouth and end up paying more than for the worth of a car.

Get vehicle service record online with Droom

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