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Winter is probably the best part of the year for us when compared to summer and monsoons. On the other hand, it is one of the worst time for automobiles. The cold weather can harm your car more than a minor accident and can damage multiple car parts at the same time. Taking necessary measures at the right time can save your car from getting damaged and even increase its longevity. Here are some tips which can help you to avoid your car from getting damaged during the winter.

Car Care in Winter

1.Check the battery for repairs: Battery is the first part that gets affected due to temperature change. Cold weather often causes starting problems for a car due to the cold battery; this problem occurs when the cold battery ceases to respond to the ignition spark due to the frozen mercury. Sometimes, when people try to start their car deliberately, they end blowing the battery fuse and are left with no other option than replacing the battery. To avoid this, you can get your battery checked from an authorised service centre or replace the battery if it is more than 5 years old.

2.Replace windshield wiper: During winters, the windshield of the car gets covered by dewdrops or fog which can reduce visibility while driving. Moreover, if your car has dysfunctional windshield wipers, you can face a lot of inconveniences while driving. Imagine getting out of your car and wiping the fog/dewdrops in the middle of the journey towards a destination. It can put you in extremely dangerous situations or can cause immeasurable frustration. The simple solution to get rid of the visibility interruptions is to get your old wipers replaced with new ones. There are winter customised wipers also available in the market.

3.Change the oil: The cold winter climate can damage your engine too. Often due to the cold weather the engine oil solidifies or freezes and can prevent the engine from functioning properly. The first step to avoid engine damage due to oil is to check the oil container for “W” in the viscosity index sign. If the container has this sign, then your engine oil is likely to be immune to cold weather. If not, then it is recommended that you get your car inspected by an authorised mechanic.

4.Change your tyres: The roads are often wet with dewdrops or water during winter mornings which is not a good sign for the car owners. Watery roads can cause the tyres to loose grip which can cause minor, major to lethal accidents. Moreover, some car owners do not change their car tyres till they can no longer be used. Corroded tyres are one of the common reasons for car accidents in India. Hence, it is important that you get the car tyres checked for abrasion and grip capacity before winters.

Winter care for your cars will not only increase your car’s durability but also keep you out of danger. Some of the above-mentioned winter care tips can also help to keep the car’s performance sustained.

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