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Money Saving Driving Tip

Most of the time buying cars turn into a bittersweet affair for the car owners, as most of the car owners complain that buying a car has increased their monthly expenditure. On the other hand, there are people who refrain from buying a car thinking that it might consume a lot of money for maintenance. Though these opinions may be true and reasonable, there are ways which can be used to save money even while owning a car.

Driving Tip of Money Saving

Here are some tips which can be used to save money while driving:

1.Plan your trips: Planning your trips can save you money on a lot of things. While going on a trip things like multiple stops, long routes and continuous driving can deteriorate your car’s health as well as it can also affect the durability. Continuous driving can reduce the longevity of the tyres due to the expansion and contraction of the rubber due to continuous friction.

2.Use a GPS: While travelling most people rely on the road signs for directions in order to reach their destination. As these directions are arranged by the government, they might often show the general route to your destination and take a longer route that may increase the fuel consumption. Whereas, GPS uses a satellite view of the location and shows you the aerial map of your destination. It also informs you about the shortcuts and by-lanes which can lead you to your destination faster.

3.Smooth driving: Try to keep your driving as smooth as possible by avoiding unnecessary acceleration while changing gears. If possible, skip the unnecessary gears that might put pressure on the engine (You can move directly from second to fourth if needed, for example).

4.Avoid hard braking: Hard braking should be used only when necessary but if the brakes are pressed unnecessarily, the engine might lose torque, and it might consume more fuel to generate the same amount of torque again. Moreover, unnecessary braking can pressurise the tyres and even corrode the brake shoes.

5.Start and Drive: In India, the weather is not always cold to freeze your engine. Apart from the chilly winter nights, it is recommended that you drive your car immediately after starting it. Accelerating your car unnecessarily can cause fuel loss and even pressurise the engine.

6.Reduce the drag: Try keeping your car as light as possible, the superfluous load on the vehicle may strain the engine which can affect your vehicle mileage in the long run. In some cases, open windows can also cause drag. Hence, it is recommended that you keep the windows closed at high speeds.

7.Use the AC wisely: Turing the air conditioner on during long drives can make you feel good, but if the AC is turned on unnecessarily for a long time, it could make the occupants feel unpleasant. Similarly, if the AC is kept on for a longer period of time, it may cause superfluous fuel consumption.

If you own a car, then these points can help you save your money little by little and at the same time increase the durability of your car.

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