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Important Car Care Tips

Considering the amount of investment owning a car requires, a proper caring regime can save you thousands of rupees. Wear and tear starts to show up within a year’s time if it is not properly maintained. Waxing, cleaning, repairs and maintenance should be a regular part of your car care cycle. The following car care tips should be kept in mind if you want to keep your car in a good shape.

1.Washing: Washing your car regularly is a good idea to keep it shiny and free from rust and debris. Ideally a car should be washed in a shady spot. If the car has been in the sun for an extended period of time, it should be given some time to cool down before the cleaning process. Wet the entire surface of the car with the mixture of car cleaning solution and water using a garden hose. Dip a sponge and start rubbing. Stop there and rinse. Wheels and tyres should be cleaned last as they are the dirtiest of all the parts.

2.Drying: Dry using soft towel or microfiber drying towels. Chamois which are leather clothes can also be used as they are designed to soak water and prevent water spots.

3.Cover with protectants: After the vehicle is dried, spray rubber protectant onto a rag and wipe it on all vinyl, plastic or rubber parts on the vehicle exterior. Once the coating is dried, wipe down with a fresh dried rag.

4.Waxing: Wax provides a protective coating to the paint and exterior of a car saving it from UV rays, salt, bird droppings, etc. Apply wax on a pad and rub it on car body in circular fashion. Use a dry cloth to wipe the body once the wax has dried.

5.Change Oil: Oil should be regularly changed to keep the engine healthy. Refer to the owner’s manual for recommended type of oil, filter and oil change intervals. Not changing oil at appropriate intervals may damage the moving parts in car engine.

Check tyre pressure: Right amount of air pressure ensures proper mileage and increases tyre life by maintaining a proper wear pattern.

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