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How to Change Headlights

Headlights can get damaged and lose the power once they had over a period of time. However, if you know how to change the light in your house, you can pretty much do the same on your car. It is important to know how to install LED headlights and replace old bulbs for a beginner or even a seasoned pro. Headlights on older cars may be a sealed unit. However, the new generation cars have a twist and install mechanism. Once you know which type of headlight you are dealing with, your job gets easier. It is advisable that you replace both headlights when you feel that they are becoming dim and hopefully before they burn out. New headlight bulbs shine more than the old ones, and hence you can tell the difference. Bulbs like LED have more spread power and not only show you the road more but also what is at the sides of the roads. The hardest part of the job is choosing a new bulb. You can spend more time shopping for the bulbs than it takes to install them.

Tips to Change Headlights

Buying bright bulbs gives you 30-80% more spread of light. You may have to sacrifice on the life of the bulb. However, if you do a lot of highway riding or stay in a rural area, it will be of aid to you. A long life bulb lasts longer than a standard bulb if you are satisfied with the factory lighting. You can choose a blue or white bulb if you like the spread of that particular bulb and if it is legal in your area. Lastly, if you want to save your money on this, you can opt for an eco-friendly bulb which can save you a considerable amount of fuel over the life of the bulb.

Remember, while replacing the bulbs, replace both of them at the same time. This will help in evenly distributed brightness. You can see the procedure in the owner’s manual. In some of the late car models, the whole assembly needs to be removed only to change one bulb.

Tools you will require
• 4-in-1 screwdriver
• Wrench set
• Plastic Gloves

After you have installed new bulbs, you should turn on your car and see if the lights are starting. If they do then your effort has been a success. However, if the lights do not turn on, then you have to check for wiring issues in your car. Make sure you check for headlight fuses and any kind of wire that might have malfunctioned. Refer to your car’s manual and make sure you have not missed anything. If you still face any problem you can take your car to a trusted mechanic to get the wiring checked.

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