5 must have negotiation skills before buying a car

Negotiations can have its own perks while the most important one being; saving you some money. When buying a car, most of the people become naïve and do whatever the salesman or the dealer says. Some people feel low-grade to bargain or negotiate at a car store, but if you think wisely, it is the most important thing that you need to do while buying a car.

Must Have Negotiation Skills Before Buying a Car

Negotiation is not an easy task and requires skills and experience, but even you can be a good negotiator if you follow the tips mentioned below:

1. Don’t be afraid to negotiate: If you are scared and unconfident, you might not be able to bargain properly. To gather the confidence you have to believe that you can get the vehicle at a lower price. If you fail to show the required confidence, the salesman or the dealer will not consider your negotiation, and you will not get the deal you are looking for.

2. Don’t hurry: This is the most common thing that most of the car buyers do; haste. There are various factors that need close attention when buying a car. You have to look out for things like price, maintenance charges, warranty terms and accessories that come with the car. Due to the excitement of owning a car of their own, people tend to make a hasty decision and lose a good opportunity to bargain.

3. Be willing to walk away: When looking for a car, there are chances you might come across an adamant dealer or salesman. These types of people no matter how much you bargain do not lower the price or show any leniency towards the deal. If you feel that the dealer is not ready to lower the price, call the deal off and walk away. Since the dealer has to sell the car; if he feels that your offer is worth considering, he will call you back for a suitable settlement. This technique works on most of the dealer, if it doesn’t, then search for a different store.

4. Speak less, Listen more: People have the tendency to try and get friendly with the salesman by constantly talking to them. However, the majority of the salesmen are hardly interested in what you are saying and are mostly focused on selling the car to you as soon as possible. Now when you are talking, the salesman keeps analysing your behaviour and searches for points which he could use to weaken your negotiations while finalising the deal. Hence, it is wiser to stay quiet and think of the points you can use to make your negotiation stronger.

5. Show high but settle for what you intend: This probably the oldest yet proven practices for negotiations. If you want to get the car for a specific reasonable price, make an offer with a lower price that you can be sure that the dealer would refuse. Once the dealer refuses the first offer, tell him the desired price which you are willing to pay. There are chances the dealer might agree for a better price than the first one.

Negotiating while buying a car can help you save money that other people usually don’t pay attention to. Hence, it recommended that you try a bit of negotiation while buying a car.

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