How to buy a new car in India?

The demand of owning an automobile seems to be the biggest necessity nowadays. People prefer travelling in their personal means rather than a public means of transportation. No doubt, the choice and easy availability is influencing the buyer decision to go for a car. With the introduction of many renowned brands, the consumers can make the comparison to have the best selection from the international or national brand.

New Car in India

Listed below are the key pointers that should be kept in mind while, purchasing a Car in India;

Rigorous Research

1. Budget
Discuss and decide your budget for purchasing a four-wheeler. This includes the cost of the vehicle, accessories and the insurance premiums.

2. Purpose
After selecting your budget, decide the purpose. A car is primarily categorized into three sub-categories namely the city, highway and the off-road car. A city car can be a Hatchback, mostly a petrol preferred car to provide smother transactions with soft suspension in traffic to easily maneuver on the roads. The highway car is meant for long distance travelling purpose. Whereas, the off-road cars are used in areas with minimal or poor road transportation system. Here, an SUV is the right pick any day.

3. Selection
Surf and select the best available model of the car. The buyer should check the tentative set of models that meet his requirements. This aims to identify the brand, variants offered, Petrol or Diesel consumption, technology used, available space, added features if any. It is recommended to read the reviews from the existing owners about their experience with the car.

4. Features
A buyer must check the features like the type of engine, type of transmission- Manual or AMT, warranty offerings, navigation option, reversing sensors, camera, and safety features. The off-road vehicle should have the hill assist and climb assist features with higher ground clearance. Along with this, it is recommended to verify the resale value of the vehicle. You can refer Total Cost of Ownership algorithm to check the ownership cost and effective future resale price of the vehicle.

5. Safety
Safety features like airbags, safety alerts, ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) and EBS (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) must be included in your vehicle to ensure maximum safety of the driver and passengers.

6. Authorization
Purchase from an authorized dealer only. It may happen that an unauthorized vendor offers better discounts and freebies along. But, because of this you might have to struggle for support and service of the car.

Points to remember before buying a new car

Go for a Test Drive:

Go for a test drive before finalizing the vehicle. It is recommended to take a companion along, who holds a better exposure in monitoring the vehicle. You should take a test drive to inspect the vehicle. It begins the moment you sit in the car, you should check the seat comfort, adjustment of seat, controls placed in ergonomic positions, mirror visibility, enough legroom, cargo space and more. The vehicle must assure a safe, comfortable and reliable ride.

Purchase and Payment

For making the payment, the user can either pay the entire amount or else have the availability of easy financing options. With financing, you can even unwind turn-around deals to your purchase. Consider checking the actual interest rather than relying on the quoted ones.

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