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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Festive Season?

By the beginning of October, we welcome many festivals in-line one after the other. As the temperature goes down from 25°C to 10°C during the months of October and remain cold till the end of February in major parts of the country. So, it is equally important to keep the fever high for celebration with seamless care for your vehicle. A Car owner should follow certain measures that will help you to keep your vehicle safe during this season.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Festive Season

Discussed below are a few pointers that should be kept in mind to prepare your vehicle for this festive season;

Body Coating

Keep your vehicle covered by using a body cover. Purchase a snug fitted cover made using thin cloth or a synthetic material that would last longer in comparison to other ordinary covers. It helps to protect your vehicle from paint fade, scratches and dust particles that may affect your vehicle during the celebration.

Safe Parking

Park your car in a safe and dry location. The parking location must be secured with a well-built structure for your vehicle. With this, you need not to worry about your vehicle and can enjoy the festival with your near and dear ones.

Vehicle Maintenance

Get regular service of your vehicle. It is essential to service your vehicle before the festive season and resolve, if in case any issue is affecting the proper functioning of your vehicle. This includes a thorough check of the tyres, brake pads, fluid level, inspection of windshield wipers, use of water repellent, light, electrical components, car engine oil and more.

Fuel Tank

Keep your vehicle’s fuel tank full. This helps in avoiding the condensation, fuel pump failure and the dust or rust particles that get settled at the bottom of the fuel tank in the vehicle. With your fuel tank full, you will have a peace of mind for your vehicle.

Spare Wheel

A simple yet essential hack is to have a spare tyre for your vehicle. Along with this, you must keep a jack and a spanner in your vehicle that could be utilized during the hour of need.

Fill Up the Engine Coolant

Engine coolant is a fluid that is responsible for maintaining the engine’s temperature due to excessive heat, while in continuous use. Considering an example, the temperature gauge is quickly rising red while you are on your way to a much awaited festive get together. So, refill the engine regularly and check for leakage under the vehicle for an adequate amount of coolant in the engine. It is recommended to check the coolant, once the engine is cool.

Emergency Kit

Pack an emergency kit for your vehicle. This kit should have tow rope, flashlight, first aid box, water and a battery charger. These articles would be of great use in an hour of need, when it is hard to get support for your vehicle.

By taking, the above-mentioned factors into consideration you can keep your vehicle safe during the celebrations. So, that you and your family can keep the spirits high for the festival without any worries of your motor vehicle.

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