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How Are You Celebrating National Car Care Month?

When was the last time you got your car’s tyres changed? Or how long has been since your car was last given a complete wash and polish? Most of the times when sending our cars for servicing we try to minimise the cost by ignoring the less significant parts or durable ones like tyres. According to international research, 80% of the cars all over the world lack proper service. Hence a non-profit organisation has decided to introduce an international car care month all over the world.

National Car Care Month 2018
It is during this month the car owners will have to get their cars serviced entirely by changing or repairing the necessary parts. Here are the things you can do to celebrate the national car care month.

1.Lubricants and Fluids: Lubricants like engine oil and brake oil reduce the friction between the parts to keep them function with ease. The absence of any of them can cause serious damage to your car or worse; it can also lead to accidents. The function of fluids varies according to their make, for eg., the AC coolant cools down the air that comes out of the vents while transmission fluid ensures a smooth gear shift.

2.Small but Vital Parts: In the research conducted, it was seen that majority of the people ignore parts like windshield wipers, air filter, engine belts, seat covers, tyres, battery and cables. These parts may not seem important, but without them, your riding experience will not be the same as before. People use the same tyres for years without changing until they are unusable. However, it is recommended to use a tyre upto 5 years only if you get it inspected by a professional every year.

3.Paint Job: Every car user wishes to keep his car scratchless for as long as possible so that the paint of the car doesn’t get ruined. However, the shine of paint can fade in a couple of years and then your car might need another paint job. This car care month give your car a fresh coat of paint with a wax polish to make it look more elegant. Also look for dents and rust on the body and get them repaired too because a paint job on a dented car is somewhat futile.

4.Others: If you have done all of the above then here are some things which might enhance your driving experience and the car’s durability. You can change the floor mats, update the music system with good sounding speakers, get new mirrors, change the glasses and windshield and get the underside of the car cleaned of dirt and mud.

This national car care month give your car the gift of durability and making your ride the best in comfort.

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