Happy Women’s Day! Here’s your Guide to Hassle-free Car-shopping

Buying a car? We have some helpful tips for you, woman!

We, at droom, understand how painful used car – shopping can be. We also understand that women might just feel slightly uncomfortable shopping in traditionally male territory. As a woman working at droom, I work with my team to eliminate pain points during the car-shopping and selling process – and I’m here to share some of my personal learnings. Here are some of our top tips so you stay informed, stay confident, and get the best value for your money. And whenever you’re ready, we can help you locate and buy a used car in your area – download the droom app now!

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  1. Do your research – know everything about the car you’re looking at, read online reviews, talk to your friends, and do some secondary research.  There are many websites available such as which can advise you about the true market value of a used car that you are looking to buy.
  2. Buy from trusted sellers – droom verifies its sellers and listings to ensure you get a fair and transparent deal. Look out for the certified pro seller or verified seller tag on our website!
  3. Ask to look under the hood – Exude confidence even if you don’t know much about cars – go for a test drive, check underneath the car for any fluids, inspect the tyres,and check how many previous owners the car has had. Evaluate both the exterior and interior of the car and make a list. Questions are your best friend in this scenario!
  4. Ensure that ownership documents are in order – When you meet the seller, check all the ownership papers, including loan documentation. Additionally, if there are any maintenance records available – look them over, they will indicate any possible issues that may arise in future.
  5. Call the experts – If you’re not an expert, you can also go for an inspection by a third-party agency. To give the vehicle a clean chit of reliability, third-party inspection services evaluate the health and fitness of the car in question. Call us at +91-9643321192 and we can help you set up an inspection for the car that you’re thinking of buying.

Finally, go with your instinct – Keep browsing on your droom app for other options, stay updated, contrast and compare, and look out for money saving deals. We have a limited period offer running called “Droom Comes True” which could result in some hefty savings. Go with your instinct on making the final decision, they don’t call it women’s intuition for nothing!

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