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How to Maintain an Electric Car?

In the awakening to minimize the carbon footprint, many well-known countries have already shifted towards the adoption of electric vehicles. EVs are the new black in the field of the automobile as it does not have a diesel or petrol engine instead it has an electric motor along with rechargeable batteries that can be easily charged using electricity. There are many countries that have resolved to become carbon-free in the future and EVs play a vital role in attaining this. According to predictions and different sources, that day is not very far when you will observe 80% of EVs on the road as compared to the basic cars. However, in India people are not very familiar and inclined towards EVs because of high maintenance and high cost and the general perception of most people is EV car maintenance is high.

Top tips for electric car maintenance

How to Maintain An Electric Car

Here is a list of electric car maintenance tips:

  •  Ensure to Look After the Motor

One of the parts that play an important role in electric car maintenance is its motor. An electric car has fewer parts that are required to handle properly such as switching out the oil or replacing fuel filters. Also, get the car’s motor serviced by a mechanic who has experience working with electric vehicles.

  • Give Priority to Brake Maintenance

Brakes are important when it comes to electric car service. EVs are known for using regenerative braking as it helps in keeping the brake pads in better condition for a long period of time. In some of the cases, the car owners need to replace them less frequently as someone would do in a traditional vehicle. Also, do not forget to service the brakes and try to not exceed the speed. Battery lasts long & brakes are not slammed in EVs if you conserve speed.

  • Always Pay Extra Attention to the Battery

One of the key points for electric car maintenance tips includes checking of battery regularly. In the months of monsoon, electric vehicles require extra attention as humidity in the weather can lead to corrosion of mechanical parts and can affect the battery life and its strength. Also, during monsoon, it is advised to keep the car covered when not in use to prevent the same from damage because of humid weather.

  • Check the Underbody Timely

Other various chemicals along with corrosive materials like road salt and oil can accumulate underneath the car. Owners of EVs should clean the same using water to avoid rust which can damage the vehicle with time. A regular car wash is good for EV car maintenance.

  • Make Sure to Use Only Certified Charger

Electric car service cost is high as compared to traditional cars and hence one should always be careful and attentive. Always use the original charger that has come with the car as it has covering shields and the right protective layers. Using the respective charger help prevent short circuits and sparks.

  • Replace Air Filters

If you don’t want to spend a hefty amount on electric car service then ensure to replace the cabin air filter every 36000 miles or in 2years. It can also be done frequently depending upon the requirement.  These air filters prevent dirt, debris, pollen, road dust, and other unwanted particles from entering the cabin.

Some Basic Tips for Traditional or E-Car Maintenance

– Ensure that you rotate the tyres and check the coolant level of the car often. Also, make sure that there is always enough coolant level in the car.

– Try to replace the wiper blades of the car at least twice a year and always consider the weather conditions while taking your car out.

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