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Easiest Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency of a Car

As the prices of fuel remain high, it is important to improve the mileage of your car. If you stretch up the fuel tank, you can minimize the number of times, you fill it up in a month and this shall help you stick to a budget. It is particularly important for people who bought non fuel-efficient cars. Regardless of the vehicle you drive, you can always improve fuel efficiency of a car and add extra money by reducing your fuel expenses.

Easiest Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency of a Car

Tips to Enhance the Fuel Efficiency of Cars

There are many ways right from advanced to basic tips, which you can implement and enhance your mileage including the following:

  • Minimize Excess Weight

If your vehicle has a front-wheel-drive, so when you put additional weight on a rear axle, it indicates that the front wheels do not get a good grip, and this can minimize your mileage. Moreover, additional weight means an engine has to perform a bit harder for moving a car that reduces the mileage. If you carry a lot of weight, it may affect the mileage factor negatively. So, reduce the load and then try, you shall get one or two miles in a litre.

  • Properly Inflated Tires

Ensure that car tires are inflated to have the best balance between traction and mileage. This will give you significant savings.

  • Replace Spark Plugs and Air Filter

Replace the spark plugs and air filter during routine car checkup. It will not only make your car last longer, but also your car engine will burn fuel efficiently.

  • Use Recommended Motor Oil

When you use an oil that is heavier than recommended, it may cause friction and the engine can work harder and can burn additional fuel. See what oil is recommended in the owner’s manual and use that oil only.

  • Check the Cap Seal of the Fuel

With time, the seal of the fuel cap breaks down, allowing oxygen to enter the fuel tank. This will result in air entering into the engine because it pulls the fuel from a tank and the engine burns additional fuel. It is simple to replace the fuel cap. Many cars have in-built sensors for detecting the seal of the fuel cap.

  • Drive at a Below Speed Limit

Many cars burn less fuel at a speed of 60 miles an hour or higher. When you drive slowly, it has an instant effect on the fuel mileage. Cars’ speed differs when they will be efficient, however, none shall have an efficiency speed higher than 60 miles an hour.

  • Use Cruise Control

When people drive on highways, they match the speed of the car that is in front of them. When you use cruise control, you can maintain a legal, safe, and fuel-efficient speed, irrespective of the speed, which people around you are driving at. Moreover, when you use cruise control, you can minimize the requirement of brake and accelerate that makes travel highly fuel-efficient.

  • Do Not Keep the Vehicle Idle for a Longer Time

Do not keep the vehicle idle for more than one minute. When you keep it idle, it will consume half to one litre of fuel in an hour. The modern car engines shall consume less amount of fuel when you turn off and then re-start. Engines work hard and shall warm up quickly when you begin the engine.

  • Highest Gear Driving

When you drive in the highest gear without putting labor on the engine, it improves fuel efficiency. Driving at 60 km per hour, a car shall utilize 25% more fuel in a third gear compared to what will happen in the fifth gear. Traveling in low gears at quick rates may consume almost 45% more fuel compared to what is needed.

You do not have to purchase a new fuel-efficient vehicle for saving on fuel. You can enhance your fuel mileage and save plenty of money, particularly when you have multiple petrol and diesel cars by using these tips. You can take your vehicle for regular checkups and it can save you a lot of money. There are eco inspection services online, whose services you can use. Cars that do not run at the optimum performance level may cost you plenty in the near future.

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