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Driving Tips To Increase Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency plays an important role in making a buying decision for every car buyer. Most of the buyers in India try to buy a car that gives better mileage and returns good value for money. Although most of the car makers in the country are coming up with cars that deliver great fuel efficiency, there are a lot of things that are in the hands of the driver to make the car return more fuel mileage. Let’s have a look at some useful tips for increasing fuel economy of your car.

Fuel Effiency Tips

  • Select the correct gear

It is very important for a driver to select the right gear and do the gear changes properly at the time of driving. If you drive in a gear lower than that you need, it will result in wastage of fuel. Try to get to the top gear as soon as possible as driving in the top gear helps in saving fuel.

  • Check tyre pressure on a regular basis

Make sure that your car’s tyres are correctly inflated all the time. Over inflated or under inflated tyres can increase the vehicle’s fuel consumption. Check the tyre pressure on a regular basis, but do it when the tyres are in normal temperature. If you check the pressure right after a long drive, then you will not get the correct reading.

  • Use the cruise control

Many cars these days come with the cruise control feature. Use it while driving on the long stretches of highways. This way, you can maintain a steady pace throughout the road till the time you need to lower the speed and change the gear.

  • Clean Air filters

Check the air filters regularly and see if they are dirty. Dirty air filters can cause the engine to deliver less than the claimed fuel efficiency.

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