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7 Must-haves in your Car

So, imagine a situation where you are crossing the road, and you see a car which is loaded with so many stuff in the trunk starting from tissue paper to flashlight. A question pops into your head, “Are those things even needed?” After giving it a 5-second thought, you enter your car parked across the road. You find your friend in there, and he is suffering from severe cold. Instantly, you begin to look at the same car and start thinking, “Why did I even think of tissue paper in the first place.” This is just one instance wherein a small neglectful attitude can cause a lot of trouble for your loved one. (I’m referring to the car and not the friend. LOL). There are many instances such and thus we have compiled the list of 7 must-haves in your car. These include everything from the basic elements to the repairing wizard.

Must Haves in Car

Let’s start off with a car repair and maintenance section.

1.Spare tire: When we talk about the car repair and maintenance, there are several things that you need to have – A spare tire in good condition along with the tire iron and tire jack as without them, the spare tire is useless. Apart from this, a tire inflater or sealer is equally important with which you can plug a leak to help you reach the auto shop thereby preventing the hardship mentioned above.

2.Jumper cables: Knowing how to jump-start a car comes in quite handy. If you are familiar with the engine, you can cope up with the dead battery – which has happened to almost all of us.

3.Car’s manual: Ain’t no way you should leave out without the car’s manual in the glove compartment.

4.Tire pressure gauge: Regular checkup of the tire pressure can help improve handling considerably along with promoting tire longevity, improving handling, increasing fuel economy and saving lives.

5.Car repair information: For the emergency purpose, you should carry a business card for your auto repair shop. The car insurance and other documents should be stored in your glove compartment as it comes in handy.

6.Safety Supplies: Even for a 10 km ride, make sure you do not neglect on safety aspects. For this purpose, you should carry various supplies such as First aid kit, Flashlight, Multi-tool, Matches or other fire starter, water bottles, energy bars and a weather radio to name a few in case a need arises.

7.Basic Supplies: Apart from the safety supplies there are many basics that you should have in your car. Coming back to the car which you just saw when you were crossing the road – you need to have paper towels, tissues, umbrella, pencil and paper, reusable shopping bags, spare change, USB mobile device charger and so on.

These are the 7 Must-haves in your car. These elements come in handy when you are in dire need. Also, the requirement for these things arises unexpectedly. Thus, you need to keep your car well equipped with all the must-have items starting from technical items to safety and basic supplies.

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