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2000 Honda S2000 : The Fast and the Furious

2000 Honda S2000 - The Fast and the Furious

Honda S2000 convertible car is a top sports car that was in production from the year 1999 to 2009. The car was launched in the year 1999 to celebrate company’s 50th anniversary. The car got its name from its engine that had the displacement of 2 Litres. The 2000 Honda S2000 fast and furious car produced around 237bhp of power at 8300RPM and a maddening torque of 208Nm at 7500RPM.

This Japanese car which can be also be compared to a sprinter featured in the fast and furious movie which was released in the year 2001.

In the movie the car belonged to Johnny Tran. The car is first seen in the movie when Johnny Tran’s S2000 appears parked in Tran’s garage when Brian, Dom and Vince enter in to take a look at their cars. During the pink slip race, Tran bets his S2000 against Jesse for his Volkswagen Jetta. Brain Conner speculated that S2000 had at better engine and had upgrades of at least $100,000 in order to dissuade Jesse from betting his Jetta car because he was aware that Tran had installed a premium Nissan SR20 engine. But his attempt foiled and Tran’s S2000 was able to beat Jesse’ Jetta with the help of NOS system. The S2000 used in the movie had red snowflake graphics along with a Veil Side body kit.

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