Which is the Best Value-for-Money Sedan Car in India

Sedan cars are some of the most comfortable means of road travel to ever exist. They are distinctly long, spacious and powerful machines built to propel fast and smooth. That being said, sedan cars are most desirable in India by families for the convenience that they offer. This includes fuel economy, spacious and safe interiors along with enough boot space to fit a baby elephant. The auto industry is catering to these families by introducing economical sedans of their preference, while also loaded with features, power and style.

Best Value-for-Money Sedan Car in India

2018 saw a new era of vehicular design in India and in the process produced some of the Best Sedan Cars in the country. Here’s a list of the best of them all.

Honda City

The Honda City model from the Japanese car manufacturer has been around for over 20 year in India. This model is the most preferred sedan car of the people. The City is well known for catering to Indian families of 4 specifically. The interiors are comfortable and silent during long drives, even on three-digit speeds. You could fit a fifth member, but it’ll be a little squeezed due to the make of the seats and the placement of the AC vents. The sports mode is quite the fuel guzzler but the cruise value makes it worth the bucks.

Hyundai Verna

The Hyundai Verna is hands down, the daily drive vehicle of 2018. It comes feature packed and is extremely comfortable to drive in. The South Korean auto manufacturer has quite the attention to detail, especially including features to the Verna like height-adjustable steering mount. It comes with a simply solid infotainment system with integrated android and apple device support. Additionally, it comes with the keyless entry feature as well.

Toyota Yaris

Toyota has had a botched mark in making good family-centric sedans with the Etios, but that hasn’t stopped the Japanese car maker from taking another crack on this segment. Introducing the Toyota Yaris. The car goes up primarily against their rival Honda City, a well-received Hyundai Verna, and still to come on the list, Maruti Ciaz. This time round, the Yaris holds up pretty well against the competition as a comfortable drive, with lots of space and a solid, easy-to-access infotainment system.

Skoda Rapid

The Czech manufacturer stepped up its game in the economy sedan segment with the upgraded Skoda Rapid. It is a solid vehicle styled in line with their luxury models Octavia and Laura. The Rapid is quite functional in terms of the interior and its exterior looks match up to give it a more mature vibe. It is packed with a brilliant infotainment system that is quite easy to navigate however, it still lacks a few small features that almost all its competitors include, like the keyless entry feature and the button ignition feature. That seems minor as compared to its superior performance on the road. All in all, an immensely fun drive on the Skoda Rapid.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

The poster-boy of economical sedans and a particular feature favorite of the crowd is the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. This hybrid is bold, sleek, and glossy and a complete flip to its 2014 predecessor with a comprehensive feature list across all variants. The Ciaz is a Nexa premium and a big step to introducing affordable hybrid vehicles across India. It comes with the standard fuel economy promise of the Japanese auto maker and has the largest boot in its segment at 500 liters. It is a lot of power, lot of chrome and a lot of comfort that’s just up for grabs and makes for an eye-catching ride.

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