Top 10 Things We Miss About Old Cars!

Cars have been evolving in terms of performance, design and price. With innovative minds trying hard to make rides comfortable and convenient, people can’t help but miss the older cars. Made with simplistic designs and minimal functions, cars back then were so amazing. However, these are the things that we miss about the old cars.

Old Cars India

1.Modest Design: If you look at any of the old cars like the Premier Padmini or the Maruti 800, these cars had a simple and sophisticated design with elements that were actually used for the performance of the car.

2.Thin A-pillars: Modern cars these days have broad pillars which make them dominating and durable. Conversely, the older cars had thin A-pillars which made them look elegant and neat. These thin A-pillars facilitated a wider front and side view.

3.Durable and Easy to Fix Body: The body of the older cars were mostly made out of large and few sheets of metal, which were fastened by nuts and bolts. Since there were few units on the body, it was easy to replace them even without any professional aid.

4.Comfortable Rear Seats: Unlike the modern cars, the rear seat of the older cars was just a single seat that reached from one door to the other. Since there was no separation or divider (split seats and handrests), these seats could accommodate more passengers at the rear.

5.Full-size Spare Wheel: Cars like Esteem, Qualis, Maruti 800 and Padmini had large trunks which could easily house a fully inflated spare wheel. In case of a puncture in an old car, all you had to do was to get a foot pump, change the tyres and continue the journey. Modern cars do have spacious trunks but carry the space saver spare wheels which have to be inflated with a can of compressed air.

6.Lesser Electronics: Older cars had more mechanical functions than the electronic ones. Perhaps the best example could be the window glass handle which had to be rotated numerous times to lower the glass.

7.Lightweight: The metal body, engine and some plastic & rubber equipment were the main components in a car in those times. This made them lightweight and fuel efficient, which was something everybody looked for in a car.

8.Proper Keys: Modern cars come with enhanced electronic functions like keyless entry, push to start buttons and card as a replacement for keys. All these modernised functions have snatched the joy of owning a car key and flaunting them in front of friends.

9.Simple Steering: Old cars had impressive steering which made them look iconic, like if you look at the steering of Impala which was consisted of two- metal spokes and a slim ring; the sight of it was enough to take the breath away.

10.Easy to Repair: Earlier cars had a simple mechanism, and anyone who has been under the hood more than once could easily repair any broken part by himself. In comparison to them, the modern cars look like an impossible quest under the hood.

No matter how advanced or innovative these modern cars get, they will never be the perfect replacement for the older cars.

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