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The Mahindra Jeep or popularly known as “Thar” is considered as India’s own off-road champion has received a completely new look in its top variant. This vehicle is the perfect mix of history and styling along with new age refinement. The CRDe variant gets a noticeable amount of changes in appearance while the DI variant stays as is. This car will surely make a place for you if you are a true jeep lover because it has got everything which was missing in the previous versions. The Jeep receives a new bumper, and this time it is a plastic one instead of a metal one which was in the previous models. The design is made in such a way that it will protect the others form the mud exhaling Jeep and provides a decent look, unlike the older generation SUV which had an open gate. The canopy roof has been given a better finished than the previous one. The CRDe variant comes with new footsteps at the sides, and the Jeep comes with clear lens headlights.

Used Mahindra Jeep For Sale

The price of the Jeep ranges from INR 6.39 Lakh to INR 8.99 Lakh. However, if you wish to purchase a Used Mahindra Jeep, the price starts from INR 2,50,000. You can buy a used Jeep from any online portal.

The interior of the Jeep can be called as the Beauty and the Beast as it has been given a dual tone interior with black and beige colour and it is a perfect fit for the off-road giant. Also, the soft side inside the cabin of the Jeep adds to the look of the interior. You can remove the badging of Jeep in order to fit a 2-DIN player. The air conditioner knobs and switches, a lockable glove box and an all-new instrument cluster, is fitted into the interior of the Jeep. The silver lining on the air conditioner knobs gives the interior a premium look. The instrument cluster makes the off-road experience of the driver’s seat much more engaging with the 3-pod type interface. The centre gets an analogue speedometer with a digital odometer below it. On the right, there is the tachometer, and the left pod has the fuel indicator.

The front seats are comfortable and give a plush ride. The new seats are wider and hence give more room while sitting. The Jeep CRDe gets the 2498cc NEF TCI-CRDe engine, producing 105BHP @ 3800rpm and 247NM @ 1800-2000rpm. The power output of the car is excellent, and the manual BORGWARNER shift on fly 4WD adds to the utility of the vehicle. In the braking section, the Jeep comes equipped with 226mm disc brakes in the front and 282m drum brakes at the rear. This beast gets impressive braking owing to its vacuum assisted servo with the auto-slack adjuster and tandem master cylinder and with the help of the dual hydraulic system.

The Mahindra Jeep is being offered in total four variants, with two different engine options. Jeep CRDe is the most efficient and expensive one whereas the other three variants are based on the DI engine. One comes with a 2WD and other with a power steering to the 2WD. The third is the 4X4 DI, which is the most useful DI model.

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