Difference Between SUV vs MUV vs XUV Cars

SUVs have captured the interest of Indian automobile buyers with success. Almost every other car on road is either an SUV, MUV, or XUV. While not many are aware of the difference between SUV and MUV and XUV, there is a stark performance and price difference among all.

In the current scenario, buyers are probably spoilt for choices considering the number of cars available in the SUV segment which resemble the famed SUV. Brands understand the demand for SUVs in the market and owing to the fierce competition are launching SUVs in various segments. So, while SUV is the top of the chain, manufacturers are experimenting with size, features, and overall engine capabilities to bring the comfort and power of SUV at a relatively lower price tag.

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Now, if you are planning to buy a SUV and are not sure about the difference between SUV and MUV, you can put aside your worries as we bring to you a point-by-point difference to help you make an informed decision.

Comparison Among SUV vs MUV vs XUV Cars

SUV vs MUV vs XUV Cars

Here is the comparison among SUV vs MUV vs XUV cars to help you make an informed decision:

SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)

SUV Cars

Sports Utility Vehicle is known for its powerful performance delivered by a powerful engine. The spacious interior provides ample space for everyone to enjoy a comfortable drive. SUVs are especially famous for their reliable performance on varied terrains. So be it an off-road journey, steep climbs, or a bumpy city drive, you are sure to enjoy a comfortable drive. SUVs are the beast of roads. You just cannot miss their intimidating presence on the roads.

Sports Utility Vehicle or SUVs operate on RWD or AWD drive system. They are comparatively more expensive than their MUV counterparts but that means that you get an additional set of features in the form of a powerful engine with powerful performance. However, when it comes to fuel efficiency, SUVs tend to score lower than MUVs. So, if fuel efficiency is one of the important car attributes for you, you will have to make a decision based on your requirement.

MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle)

MUV Cars

MUVs are comparatively a toned-down version of SUVs. The engine power, space, and the most important price are lower than the SUVs but higher than the hatchbacks and even sedans. People looking to explore the SUV segment but cannot shell out the higher price cap for SUVs, find MUV the best option for their set of requirements. MUVs are installed with FWD operating system. These present the best option for people looking to enjoy a comfortable drive with family and friends in spacious cabinet space. However, when compared to SUVs, MUVs are not as efficient as SUVs when it comes to exploring off-road trails. Though they do deliver reliable enough performance at a rugged location, it’s not what you expect with an SUV.

MUVs have brought an exciting SUV option for the buyers. As they are cheaper than SUVs and have higher fuel efficiency than SUVs, buyers have an economical option in the SUV category to make sure that budget constraints do not hamper their dream of owning an SUV car.

XUV cars

XUV Cars

No other car has crafted a niche for itself as XUV. Mahindra & Mahindra launched its line of SUVs and MUVS under the product name of XUV. So, if XUV300 is a MUV, you also have XUV500 and XUV700 which are SUVs only. You can choose any of the XUV based on your requirement and enjoy top features and reliable performance as associated with SUVs.

XUVs are priced in various price caps to bring options in the SUV segment for the buyers. Being an Indian brand and a trust of decades in the market, XUVs have turned out to be a great car for people who do not want to be entangled in the debate of SUV vs MUV vs XUV cars.

Every XUV is installed with top features to bring an exciting drive experience. Indian consumers have wholeheartedly embraced XUV which is evident in its sales and continuously growing demand in the new and used car market.

The answer to “which is better SUV or MUV cars” comes to individual buyer requirements. Depending upon your budget and expectations from the car, you can choose the best option without any trouble. Now that you know the difference between SUV, MUV, and XUV, go ahead to check out all the available options to find the best car for you.

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