Summer Road Trip Guide

India is known for its natural beauty and landscapes that keep on changing as you travel across different states for example- there are sand dunes that crown the state of Rajasthan then there are ice-clad roads that spread all over Kashmir, there is white sand on the Rann of Kutch in Gujrat then are the green Ghats of Maharashtra these are just a few popular ones while there are many others that look even more beautiful during the summer season. Though there are different ways to travel across India the best way to experience the mesmerizing beauty is by going to places using roadways. These are the routes that you should take to enjoy road trips in India.

Summer Road Trip

1.Srinagar and Leh Highway: Visiting Leh is like the dream of every Indian, the beauty of the ice-covered roads and the chilled temperature is always fantasized by the people of India. In order to reach Leh-Ladakh, you can take the Srinagar and Leh highway also known as NH-1 D. There are numerous monasteries and you can also visit the people’s favourite ‘Dharamshala’ which is located on this road.

2.Khardunga La in Ladakh: if beauty is not quite your forte and you are looking for something which is perhaps more adventurous and thrilling, you can visit the Khardunga La, an elevated landscape in Ladakh. It is considered to be the highest motorable road in the world; since the high altitude is known to get people sick, it recommended that you carry the necessary or essential medications.

3.Jaipur to Ranthambore: The scenic beauty of the pink city of the country, Jaipur can get you marvelled but a journey through state highway 24 can be rewarding. The state highway 24 leads to the city of Ranthambore and passes through the small cities like Bassi and Laslot. Through this highway, you can visit the city of Bassi which has Wildlife sanctuary that houses majestic tigers of Rajasthan.

4.Ahmedabad to Kutch: The road trip that ends in bliss is the best one. An 8-hour drive from the city of Ahmedabad towards the desert of Kutch will give you the best landscape sight that one can ever get in his or her life. The land covered in white sand that glistens in bright sunlight can be a feast for the eyes. Apart from the view, there are villages like Nirona, Nakhtarana and Hodko which are known for their handicrafts.

5.Mumbai to Goa: The most iconic and the popular route for a road trip in India, the entire journey is filled with wonderful landscapes that comprise of forests, hills, Ghats and most importantly the Parshuram temple which is a fine example of the diversity in India as it is a Hindu temple made with Muslim artistry.
Road trips can be fun but picking the right location is the key to a memorable trip. Moreover, it is essential that you prepare and pack your bags according to the environment of the location.

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