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Future Value of the Bike – How to Check Resale Value of Bike?

Your bike can be your dream come true. It may have given you the wings to fly on the roads freely. You may even consider your bike as your best friend or family member. But, right after buying the bike, the value of your bike starts depreciating. You cannot do anything about it. You can only love, care and maintain it’s condition till the time it is with you. But you cannot pause its depreciation. That is the reason you should be aware of the future value of bike, so that you take a calculative measure whenever you are ready.

check future value of bike

When you purchase a new bike or even a pre-owned bike, it becomes your daily companion. You may even start sharing a bond with your bike. But you won’t keep the bike forever with you, right? Your demands will change, you would like to upgrade the bike model or may even want to upgrade to a four-wheeler sometimes later. For that very reason, you should keep checking the resale value of bike.

In this article we will cover:

  • What is Future Value of Bike?
  • Why should you check the resale value of bike?
  • How to check second hand bike resale value?
  • What is bike resale value calculator?
  • How to resale your bike?

What is Future Value of Bike?

The value of your bike at a future date on the basis of the predicted rate of growth or depreciation, is known as the future value of bike. Usually, the future value of any asset is presumed to increase with time. But when it comes to vehicles, it is bound to depreciate, until and unless it is a vintage bike.

So, future value of bike is basically an estimated re-selling value in the coming years. If you sell it sooner, the resale price will be higher, and vice versa.

Why Should You Check the Resale Value of Bike?

When you buy a bike and plan to use it for some consecutive years. This can be 4-5 years at max. After that you surely want to resale your bike. To quote the right price of the bike at the time of selling off, you need to check the resale value of bike.

For example, if you purchase a new bike Yamaha Fz X 150CC Bluetooth at Rs. 1.33 lakh in 2022, then the resale price of the same will be around Rs. 82000 after 5years down the line. (This valuation is subject to change with respect to time, Kms driven and bike condition.)

So, you can plan to resale your bike after 5 years by quoting this future value. This resale price will surely help you to cover up your cost of ownership to a great extent.

How to Check Second Hand Bike Resale Value?

The resale value always doesn’t need to be of a new bike, it can be of a second hand bike as well. In today’s time you may be interested to buy a used bike. Lesser investment and better bike conditions are encouraging several bike lovers to go for a pre-owned bike. But the same theory applies to used bikes as well. After some years of usage, you may plan to resale it to someone else. For that, you should also keep checking the future value or used bike resale value.

For example, if you purchase a second hand bike TVS Apache Rtr 180CC 2018 model driven 1000 Kms at Rs. 59000 in 2022, then the resale price of the same will be around Rs. 40000 after 5years down the line. (This valuation is subject to change with respect to time, Kms driven and bike condition.)

It is complex mechanism to calculate the future value on the basis of so many factors, so it is always preferable to rely on resale bike valuation process. Within seconds, you can check the current value, exchange value, future estimated value, and many more, with the help of a bike resale value calculator.

What is Bike Resale Value Calculator?

The term may seem to a little confusing, but here we are actually referring to a calculator or an online tool. Bike resale value calculator is an US Patent online tool that completely unbiased, objective and independent. Once you put the inputs such as –

  • Type of Vehicle
  • Make
  • Model
  • Trim
  • Year
  • Kms Driven

The calculator gives you the bunch of valuation that is extremely important while buying or selling a vehicle, such as fair market value, future value, vehicle exchange value, residual value, salvage value, and clunker value.

The bike resale value calculator will definitely let you know the resale value or the future estimated value for the next 5 years. You can adjust your resale time, to find the resale bike valuation.

For example, you have purchased Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm 500 CC 2018 model driven for 10000 Kms at Rs. 1.35 lakh in 2022. If you check this second hand bike resale value, then bike resale value calculator will tell you the future value of the bike will be:

  • 1.27 lakh in 2023
  • 1.23 lakh in 2024
  • 1.18 lakh in 2025
  • 1.13 lakh in 2026
  • 1.09 lakh in 2027

(This valuation is subject to change with respect to time, Kms driven and bike condition.)

This will not only help you to know the correct price to quote while selling your bike but will also suggest you the best time to sell to get the maximum resale price.

How to Resale Your Bike?

Now, that you are aware how to find the resale value of your bike, you need to know how you can resale your bike smoothly. Be it a new bike or a used bike, you can simply:

  1. Create a listing of your bike with the fair market price
  2. Get best matches from the prospective buyers
  3. Specify the bike details
  4. Receive order and sell

Finding the best buyers and selling the bike at best price is only possible at Droom, one of the leading e-commerce platforms for used bikes sales in India.

Just remember, whenever you decide to resale your bike at best price, check out the price using bike resale value calculator and list your bike by specifying all the details, so that you can sell with full satisfaction.

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