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How to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

Weather Changes are one of the top reasons that deteriorate a cars performance. Each season comes with a different set of problems and summer is no different. The hot, dry and humid weather can cause significant problems to your car that can damage the engine and other parts. In order to avoid these damages and problems, you can refer the points below and get your car ready for the summer.

Car Ready for Summer

1.Get the engine oil changed: There are chances that you might have taken some measures to keep your car safe for the winter. One of the basic measures people take to keep their engine revving during the winter is to get the oil changed and to get the car summer-ready you need to change the oil again. The question that might come to your mind now is why do you need to change the oil? The oil that you or your mechanic might have put in the engine especially for the winter has low viscosity and might not give your engine the optimal performance. In simple words, the engine oil used in winter is thinner than the engine oil used in summer. Running out of engine oil in the middle of a journey in summer might not be a good sight. Hence you need to get the engine oil changed before taking out your car in summer.

2.Check the tire compression: Summer can be a harsh weather for your car’s tyres too. Where the hot roads corrode your tyres from below, the hot winds can overinflate them. The heated weather expands the air in the tyres at a rapid rate which can even lead to tyre explosion. Since tyre explosions are risky, it is important to fill the right amount of air in the tyres. You can get the air pressure checked at any mechanic or petrol pump.

3.Refill the necessary fluids: There are some fluids and liquids which are not much needed during the winter but can be crucial during the summertime. The best example of one such fluid is the AC coolant. We don’t tend to use the ac during the winter due to the cold weather, but it becomes a necessity against the harsh summer weather. The AC coolant is a fluid that keeps the air flowing out of the AC vents cool, and if you run out of coolant, the AC will do the opposite of what it does (it will start letting out hot air). Thus it is essential to get all the fluids refilled before you take your car out.

4.Clean the interiors: People often store unnecessary things in their cars storage points, but things like food items and snacks can stale, rot and can even decompose. Things like food and drinks when rotting can emanate a foul smell and the hot summer winds amplify these foul smells making them unbearable. Hence, you need to get your car cleaned thoroughly before heading out in summer.

These tips and recommendations not only make your car durable but can also give you a good driving experience during the summer.

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