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How to Get Buyer Trust in India Auto Market for Best Sales Performance

Selling a used vehicle can be tiring and cumbersome if done through a local auto dealer. Also, you lose on some money as the dealer fees are involved in the car deal. Also, one has to rush from one dealer to another to get a good price of the car without knowing the fair market value of that car.

Now, say goodbye to all these disadvantages as you can sell your used vehicles online from the comfort of your sofa! Droom is India’s biggest online auto marketplace that has more than 3 lacs auto dealers on the online platform.

The number is enough to underline the fact that the country is turning towards the online platform to sell bikes online. The time has come when you switch to an online platform to sell your old vehicle.

Sell Vehicle Online

One can sell over the online platform much quickly as the platform witness millions of visitors every month. With such large traffic, one can sell their vehicle much quickly.

However, what truly makes the online selling experience different is that one can know the fair value of their car with the help of OBV.

OBV or Orange Book Value is the fair price calculating engine that is exclusive to Droom. The OBV uses fair pricing matrices that takes different factors of a vehicle like an odometer reading, the number of owners, model of the vehicle, year of manufacture and so on into consideration before coming out with a fair market value of the vehicle. The fair market value is calculated in a mere 10 seconds. In other words, you can know the price of a used vehicle just with a click of a button. The pricing engine or the OBV protects a dealer from the tiring negotiation talks from the buyer side.

The OBV is extremely beneficial for dealers as it has gained the trust of millions of buyers. Also. the OBV price helps buyers secure a loan as the fair market value price generated by OBV is widely accepted by millions of buyers, hundreds of sellers and many banks and other NBFC lender.

How to Sell Vehicle Online?

After knowing the fair market value, one can list out his used vehicle by creating a seller account on the portal.

An individual can sell on the portal by creating two accounts, namely Individual Seller” account and “Pro- Seller” account. The individual seller account is meant for those individuals who want to sell their privately-owned vehicles.

While on the other hand, the pro-seller account is meant for those who deal in used vehicles and is part of their profession. There are many benefits of pro-seller account as with the pro-seller account a dealer can reach more than 45 million visitors who visit the website each month.

The number of visitors is humongous as there is no other portal that sees so many visitors on its portal. The pro-seller community comprises of auto dealers, brokers, resellers, or auto manufacturers who may have their own showroom. With the pro-seller account, the dealers can sell used cars on India’s largest online auto marketplace.

The pro-seller account is further divided into three types Pro-Seller Basic, Pro-Seller Premium (additional features and services) and Pro-Seller Business (multi-dealership management).

The pro-seller fee for the basic account is nil but the benefits are limited.

While for the for “Pro-Seller Premium” account price starts from Rs. 2500/month. Lastly, for the “Pro-seller business” account, the premium is Rs. 8333/month which is the highest of all three accounts. But the benefits associated with the Pro-Seller Business account provides the extra edge that the dealer needs. In short, a dealer or an individual can sell a car instantly quite easily. The online platform is a great way for the dealers to advertise their dealership name to millions of people. Also, there is no limit on a number of listings a dealer can post on their account. The entire process right from knowing the fair price of a used vehicle to selling the vehicle is convenient, transparent and easy. Also, with an online account, a dealer can manage their listing anytime from anywhere in the world.

Droom is India’s largest automobile platform online, 4th largest E-Commerce company and the most trusted motorplace. It believes to be an AI and data science driven online transactional platform, that offers the best experience of buying and selling used and new automobiles in India with the help of its entire eco-system that includes Orange Book Value (used vehicle pricing engine), ECO (vehicle inspection), History (records for used vehicles), Discovery (pre-buying research tools), Credit (used auto loan and dealer financing), and Germ Shield (antimicrobial coating service). Here, we have a team of auto experts and auto enthusiasts who are dedicated to cover every sphere of the auto industry by simplifying the procedure of buying and selling, and by spreading the true essence of auto industry to all.

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