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Droom Monsoon Services for ₹599 Only!

Happy Monsoon! Finally, summer is taking a break and monsoon is spreading its charm with frisky clouds and romantic rains. Before you go bananas over the season make sure your car is monsoon proof. The season brings lots of reason to be happy and high, but it is equally risky to go out on roads unprepared.

Car Mansoon Services

Get your vehicle monsoon ready with Droom Monsoon Services that will let you save a bundle of money too. Droom is offering amazing monsoon packages for all types of cars including hatchback, sedan, wagon, crossover, SUVs and more. You can get the below mentioned services through these packages while paying merely ₹599 only.

  1. Headlight focusing and beam adjustment
  2. Wiper blade adjustment and replacement
  3. Air filter check and cleaning
  4. Complete shampoo wash and Polish
  5. Battery check
  6. Self-start and other electrical check
  7. Mud flap check and alignment

Get a complete health check-up for your car, before you plan your next road trip. Monsoon is the right excuse to get your car checked up after scorching heat waves have done much damage to it.

Get your favourite monsoon package at a special price of ₹599, for limited time only. Hurry up! Make most of this opportunity to pamper your car for less. At you can also shop for wide range of used bikes, cars and scooters, along with discounted automobile services.

Keep Drooming!


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