Best Cars for College Students in India

Get the craze of owning a personal vehicle for almost every college student why most of them do not need one, but if they require one, we are listing top cars for college students 2021.

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List of best affordable cars for college students

cars for teenagers

College students have a limited budget, and the fuel, repairs, parking costs, etc., can be over-budgeted for them. So, always look for the sticker price, financial option, insurance cost, efficiency ratings and safety ratings when you buy a car.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

Best Cars for College Students

It is a budget-friendly car that starts from Rs. 2.99 lakhs. Maruti 800 has an engine of 796 cc, which gives a mileage of 22.05 kmpl. The manual transmission model has key features like airbags, wheel covers, air conditioner, Power steering and an anti-lock braking system.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Cars for College Students

This car from Maruti starts from Rs. 5.73 lakhs and the average service cost of 5 years is only Rs.4703, which makes it the best car for teenagers 2021 as they are a little tight on budget. Swift comes with a manual and automatic transmission with a petrol engine of 1197 cc. It also gives a mileage of 23.76 kmpl along with a five-seater capacity.

Tata Tiago

Top Cars for College Students

Tata Tiago is a five-seater car with a petrol engine of 1199 cc. It also gives a mileage of 23.84 kmpl. The car’s efficiency is good. Tiago has comforting options like a height-adjustable seat, digital instrument cluster, reversing camera, automatic climate control, fog lights in front and airbags for safety.

Tata Nano

Affordable Cars for College Students

Nano is a cute and compact car of Tata Motors. Its price starts from Rs. 2 lakhs and goes up to a maximum of Rs. 3.34 lakhs. It is a four-seater with three engine variants. Tata Nano is the cheapest automatic car in India that gives a mileage of 28 km per litre with an engine displacement of 624 cc.

Hyundai i10

Best Cars for College Teenagers

When we talk about the best car for teens, Hyundai i10 tops it with its beautiful design with sleek white finish. The price of this car starts from Rs.3.79 lakhs. It has two petrol engines and one LPG engine with a manual and automatic transmission. Depending upon the variant and fuel type, i10 gives a mileage of 16.95 to 20.36 kmpl.

Tata Tigor

Cars for Teenagers

This car by Tata is available with one petrol engine of 1199 cc. Depending upon the fuel type, it has a mileage of 20.3 kmpl. The pricing of this car starts from Rs.5.59 lakhs. Tata Tigor has a five-seater capacity and features like reversing camera, eight-speaker sound system, passenger and driver airbags, power window front, and power steering.

Maruti Dzire

Top Cars for Teenagers

Maruti Dzire has a compact yet attractive design that is loved by college going teenagers. The car comes with one petrol engine of 1197 cc with manual and automatic transmission. Dzire has a five-seater capacity and gives a mileage of 24.12 kmpl. This is one of the best sedan models you can get. The main key features of this car include driver and passenger airbags, power steering, anti-lock braking system, power window front, fog light in front and automatic air control.

Maruti Wagon R

Best Cars for Teens

If you want to get the best car for teenagers, get your hands on the Maruti WagonR. The price range of this car starts from Rs.4 lakhs, and it is among the top 10 petrol hatchbacks in India. With a very Swift performance wagonR gives a mileage of 20.5 kmpl. Engine efficiency is 998 CC. It has features like a 60:40 split-folding rear seat, 341 litre boot space, and a 7-inch infotainment system that gives Apple car play and Android autoplay support as well.

Hyundai Santro

Top Cars for Teens

Hyundai Santro is the perfect car for a college-going student as it has budget-friendly prices. The average cost of this car starts from Rs.4.73 lakhs, and the average service cost of 5 years is as minimal as Rs.2500. Santro car gives a mileage of 14.25 kmpl with an engine efficiency of 1086 cc. It has features like rear AC vents, rear parking sensors and camera, 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, driver and passenger airbags and a multifunction steering wheel.

Hyundai Verna

cars for teens

If you want to spend a little more than ten lakhs you can buy a Hyundai Verna. Pricing of Verna starts from Rs. 9.19 lakhs and goes up to Rs.15.25 lakhs. It comes with manual and automatic transmission giving a mileage of 25 kmpl. In addition, it has features like a digital instrument cluster, an 8-inch infotainment system, ventilated front seats, and connected car features with a five-seater capacity.

Are you the one who is starting your college days and getting confused how you will commute? Then, these car options are surely for you. These were Droom’s top picks for you all. So comment and tell us your pick from this list and also the first driving experience.

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