A Guide to Buying the Best Second Hand Cars in Pune

Pune is a sparkling city with many institutes and corporate offices, making it a great gateway to grow your career to a new horizon. But, with the growth of new population shifting to the city, the demand for vehicles has also increased manifold. This eventually has overtaken the human population by the number of vehicles in Pune. As per the Regional Traffic Office (RTO), the population of Pune is approximately 3.5 million and the number of registered vehicles is now 3.62 million.

A Guide to Buying the Best Second Hand Cars in Pune

But all these registered vehicles may not be all new vehicles. Pune is a fan of buying and selling cars and bikes. So, many people indulge in selling their used cars and others get interested in buying second hand cars. This is mainly because, new car purchase can be a costly affair and even the maintenance cost of some cars are very high, so many may not be able to afford.

Moreover, buying and selling of used cars are safe and profitable. It’s just that you have to check a few things before going for any transaction. Those are:

Get the car inspected

You must take the support of a professional technician or a specialist, who will help you to get the used car and the documents inspected thoroughly.

  • Check the brakes of the second-hand car, whether there are some vibrations or squealing noise from brake pedal
  • Check the tyres of the used car, if they are worn
  • Look under the hood and search signs of damage, dents or rust
  • Match the engine number and chassis number with the numbers mentioned in the registration papers
  • Check all the filters- air, fuel, transmission, oil and clean it and oil it regularly without fail, to maintain the performance of the bike
  • Verify the documents mainly the insurance papers and what all claims have been taken by the prior owner

Transfer the RC to your name

You need to fill and submit Form 29 & Form 30, issued by the RTO in the jurisdiction where you live, to transfer the Registration Certificate (RC). You and the prior owner of the car should sign the forms. If the car is in the same jurisdiction, there would be no issues. But, if the car is registered in a different jurisdiction, then a NOC from the previous jurisdiction will be required. After you submit these documents, the local RTO will initiate the transfer process, will receive a receipt within 15-18 days and the name in RC will be changed in the 40-45 days.

Transfer the insurance policy in your name

Besides transferring RC, you also need to transfer the insurance policy in your name. If RC is transferred but the insurance is not transferred, then the insurance policy will be nullified. In case, the prior owner does not have valid insurance, you need to apply for a new insurance policy. You may or may not have a comprehensive insurance policy, but third-party insurance is mandatory when your car is on road.

Transfer the No Claim Bonus

No Claim Bonus (NCB) is only applicable to the insured vehicle. The transfer of insurance will be done smoothly with transfer of vehicle, but in case of no claim bonus transfer, the difference on account of the NCB for the balance policy period needs to be paid by the new owner.

Fix the second hand car

Once, you purchase the second hand car, you must clean it and fix it before you go in the first drive. You must go for a thorough clean up, change fluids, and fix all the broken or damaged parts.

Here are some of the brilliant second hand cars in Pune, that you can choose anytime as per your budget.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class C 250 d 2017

The car has only been driven for 1,200 Km. It is a diesel variant car, which is an excellent condition and as per the benchmark market value, the price of the car can be between Rs. 42 – 44 lakhs. However, the first owner of the car is eager to sell it in Pune at Rs. 31 lakhs. You will also get documents such as RC Copy, Insurance Copy, Service Logs Copy and Additional Warranty along with the car.

Hyundai i20 Magna 1.2 (O) 2014

This car is also available in Pune, which has been driven for 9000 Km. It is a petrol variant car and this car is also in an excellent condition and has gained a score of 7.9 as Full Circle Trust score. As per the benchmark market value, the price of the car can be between Rs. 3.8 – 5 lakhs. The first owner of the car is selling it at Rs. 5 lakhs. Here also, you will get documents such as RC Copy, Insurance Copy, Service Logs Copy and Additional Warranty.

Hyundai i20 Asta 1.2 2012

If your budget is low, you can go for i20 at Rs. 2.93 lakhs. The car has been driven for 71,000 Km. It is a petrol variant car, the condition of the car is good and you will only get RC Copy along with the car. As per the benchmark market value, the price of the car can be between Rs. 3.2 – 3.6 lakhs, but the first owner is selling it at Rs. 2.93 lakhs.

If you are still doubting whether to go for a second hand car or not, you can even visit and get a look of the car or maybe a test drive. This will help you to take a more convincing decision.

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