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Tips To Protect Your Car’s Paint

There are several things that cause damage to your car’s paint with every passing day, and a car that has a damaged paintwork does not look nice at all. So obviously, every single person who owns a car wants it to be in a tip-top condition. To help you achieve this goal, we have listed some simple tips that you can do to secure your car from such things and to make the paintwork last for a longer period of time.

Protect from Temperature

Temperature is a factor that can be one of the most harmful things for your car, and at the same time, it is an unavoidable thing too. When exposed to extreme temperature changes, the paint of your car starts expanding or contracting that cause cracking of the paintwork. These cracks allow moisture to get inside the body that in turn causes rust. This can be avoided to a certain limit by keeping your car inside a garage or parking it in a covered area.

Avoid Bird Droppings

Bird droppings splattered all over the car’s body looks really bad and dirty. Furthermore, it contains chemicals that can cause harm to your car’s paint. However, you can always avoid this to happen with your car. In order to do so, you should never park your car under a tree as this will increase the chances of bird droppings. Always cover your car after parking in an open space. If you encounter any such dropping on your car’s body, remove it as soon as possible with soapy water.

Brake Fluid and Petrol

Avoid brake fluid and petrol to come in contact with the exterior part of your car as this will damage the paint eventually. If this happens, wash it off immediately to avoid the paint to come out.

Improper Car Washing

Improper washing also causes the paint to come out. There are products available in the market which are specially made for car washing, but many people use the everyday detergent or soap to wash their vehicles as well. This could be really dangerous to your car’s paint as these detergents contain chemicals that can cause serious harm to the paintwork of your car. Also, always use a clean and soft cotton cloth to dry it up. Dirty or harsh clothes can damage the paint as well.

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