Things To Keep In Mind While Test Driving A Used Car

When you are planning to buy a used car, test driving could play the most important part in your decision making process. But, one needs to keep quite a lot of things in mind while test driving a used vehicle. You should know the primary things to look for and should have knowledge of different parts of a car when you are behind the wheel. Here are the things one should keep in mind while test driving a used car:

Before Going To Evaluate The Car:

You should always do a proper research before going to test drive a used vehicle. Try to get as much information as you can about the particular vehicle you are going to see. Research on the factors which should be kept in mind while test driving. Also, you should know about the features of the model you are looking for. Moreover, before going on a test drive, you should consult a person who has a sound knowledge of cars.

Evaluating The Vehicle From Outside:

While evaluating the vehicle from outside, you should keep a number of things in mind. Check for dents on the car’s body. Check the condition of the tyres and look for wear and tear. Also check if the spare tyre is there. Look for fluid leaks by checking under the car. Try to understand if there has been any kind of body repair work done. Open and close the doors to check whether they function properly or not. Also, check the locks. Do not forget to check different parts of the body for rust.

While Behind The Wheel:

When you sit behind the wheel, the first thing you need to check is whether the car starts at the first try or not. See if you are comfortable with the seat as the most important thing while driving is always the comfort. Also check how smoothly the gear change is done and how easily the car accelerates. Check the facts given by the seller such as the number of kms driven, the fuel mileage figure and the year of manufacture. Check whether all the equipment and features like AC, power windows, entertainment system (if any), seat adjustments, defroster, etc, work properly. Furthermore, do not forget to check the maintenance records of the car. You should also be able to notice if the car generates any unusual noises while running. Moreover, test drive the car while keeping your needs in mind and what exactly you are looking for.

Expert Advice and Evaluation:

It is always a good idea to take a person who has more knowledge than you on the subject along while going for the test drive of a used car . The person could be your friend or a hired mechanic. In fact, hiring a trustworthy and experienced mechanic for the final check-up is a smart move as he will give you an unbiased evaluation data. Depending upon the result given by your mechanic, you can take decisions on whether to buy the particular car or not.

Buying a well-maintained used car is a smart decision, however, it could be quite tricky as you need to have an eye for details to select the best one among hundreds of used cars.

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