Top 10 Small Cars in India

In India, the demand for small cars is exorbitantly high. In fact, the small car sector is the busiest sector in the automobile industry. Small cars refer to those cars which have a low maintenance cost, have limited space inside, provide better fuel efficiency, and come up with affordable costs. Most people in India prefer to purchase small cars as it comes in their budget. That is the reason why small cars of India are very demanding in the automobile industry in the market.

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List of best small size cars 2022

The following are some of the best small cars in India:

Small Size Cars in India

Hyundai i20


This is another brilliant car and it comes under the small category. This car comes up with great features and has a projector headlamp, stylish design, and touchscreen. Thus, Hyundai i20 is one of the most common choices for Indians.

Dimensions: 3985 mm length, 1734 mm width, 1505 mm height, and 2422 mm wheelbase

Maruti Nexa Ignis

maruti nexa lgnis 2021

This is one of the cheapest cars in India and provides excellent features as compared to other cars with this price. You will get Maruti Nexa Ignis with the price range in between Rs. 4.21 to 6.49 lakhs.

Dimensions: 3700 mm length, 1660 mm width, 1595 mm height, and wheelbase 2435 mm

Renault Kwid:

renault kwid 2021

This is another most favorite car in India and although it comes in the price range in between Rs. 2.67 to Rs. 4.63 lakhs, Renault Kwid comes in small category cars.

Dimensions: 3679 mm length, 1579 mm width, 1513 mm height, and wheelbase 2422 mm

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

maruti suzuki alto k10 2021

This is another excellent car that comes in a small category. Though Alto K10 car was launched in 2010 still it remained very popular in the Indian market. This car comes in the price range between Rs. 3.38 to Rs. 4.24 lakhs.

Dimensions: 3,545 mm length, 1,490 mm width and 1,475 mm height, and wheelbase spans 2,360 mm

Hyundai Eon:

hyundai eon 2021

This is another small category car which was launched in 2011. Hyundai Eon car is the most suitable for people with a low budget and it is the perfect car for both highways as well as rural places.

Dimensions: 3495 mm length, 1550 mm width, 1500 mm height, and wheelbase 2380 mm

Datsun Redi-Go

datsun ready go 2021

It is another most favorite car in India it comes up with 799 CC and it gives you the mileage of 22.5 Km to 22.7 Km. Datsun Redi-Go comes up in the price range of 2.61 to Rs. 4.32 lakhs.

Dimensions: 3429 mm length, 1560 mm width, 1541 mm height, and wheelbase 2348 mm

Tata Nano

tata nano 2021

This is another most popular car in the Indian automobile industry. Though Tata Nano comes in the small car segment it has enough space in the interior and as such it has remained very popular in the Indian market.

Dimensions: 3099 mm length, 1495 mm width, 1652 mm height and wheelbase 2230 mm

Maruti Suzuki Zen:

This is another best-selling car in India and it comes at an affordable price. Maruti Suzuki Zen car has five-seat capacities and it has enough space to accommodate a family. Thus, this car is very popular in the Indian market.

Dimensions: 3,535 mm length, 1,495 mm width and 1,405 mm height, and wheelbase spans 2,335 mm

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800:

maruti alto 800 2021

This is one of the best small cars and though it was launched in 1983. It is still very demanding in the market. Maruti Alto 800 comes in the range between Rs. 2.63 lakhs to Rs. 3.90 Lakhs.

Dimensions: 3395mm length, 1515mm width, 1475mm height, and wheelbase 2360mm

Tata Tiago:


This is another best small car in India of 2022, which comes in a small segment. Tata Tiago is a highly affordable car and since it comes at a reasonable rate every Indian prefers this car.   

Dimensions: 3746 mm length, 1647mm width, 1535mm height, and wheelbase 2380mm

These above-mentioned small cars are very popular in India. Now, with the help of online marketplaces of automobiles, any buyer can explore the options available in this category, compare to prices and other variables, and book the coveted car online. Droom helps the buyers in this sector in various other ways as well, like preparing ownership documents, preparation and application for insurance, and preparation of loan application. This popular online platform where top dealers of the country sell all kinds of cars, there is no dearth of high performing small cars. You just need to pick the right one.

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