Planning a Compact SUV? Things you should keep in mind!

The concept of sub-four meter compact SUV is unique to the Indian market. It is a recent trend that caused a lot of anxiety among car manufacturer when it first entered the Indian market. But one cannot deny the fact that this concept that created such a hustle in the beginning is responsible for creating some of the best selling models of all time.

This year should witness a number of launches in the compact SUV segment, already started by the industry leader Maruti with its recent launch of Vitara Brezza. Below is a quick guide which might come in handy if you are planning to buy one!

Planning a Compact SUV

Choose Wisely

Compact SUVs are the major attraction of the period. Hence every auto manufacturer has already rolled out their versions or are in the process of launching one. So it is important to look at all the options available and take a decision that will give you the maximum satisfaction. Aso note that not all compact SUVs are of the same length.

Ground Clearance

By and large, all compact SUVs offer better ground clearance than sedans and hatchbacks in the same price bracket. A typical ground clearance of about 180mm should help you take the regular Indian road in a breeze with ability to do a bit of soft off roading as well. So prioritise your needs and pick your choice wisely.

Cabin Space

On the inside as well, some compact SUVs offer better room than others. Things that one should take into consideration here are the elbow and shoulder space, leg space, space between the knee and the front seat when fully pushed back etc. You don’t want to be crammed up when you off roading with your buddies right?

Seating Capacity

While by default compact SUVs are designed to seat 5, some can accommodate about 6 to 7 passengers in the same compact design as well. More seating capacity reduces boot space and luggage carrying capacity, so pick this one carefully!

Additional Features

Automatic climate control, Automated Manual Transmission options, choice of petrol/diesel engines, curtain & side airbags, ABS, EBD, projector headlamp setups, auto-headlamps, cornering headlamps – are some of the features available on the models in this class. The thing to consider here is that there is no one car that will offer it all. So select keeping your priorities in mind!

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