Most Fuel Efficient Used Sedan Cars in India

Sedan cars have their own fan following in the market. While the demand for hatchbacks is ever-increasing, India’s best-selling car models include sedans in large numbers. When we talk about sedans, one thing that cannot go unnoticed is the fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency is a major USP in the Indian automobile market. “Kitna Degi” is almost everything and anything you want to know in a budget sedan car. With emission norms implied and constantly evolving technology & engineering space, the innovation knows no leaps and bounds. Manufacturers are doing everything in their power to provide mileage with low emission.

Most Fuel Efficient Used Sedan Cars

With these norms in place, the efficiency levels are up by 15%. If you compare the mileage with cars which were sold around 5 years ago, you’ll see a world of difference between the performance and efficiency. All of this has been made possible due to the CVT Transmission and Enhancement which has boosted mileage to a whole new level.

Talking about the best-selling online Used Sedan Cars, there are various manufacturers that have made this list; all the way from Maruti to Tata to Ford and Honda. The list is diverse with no single manufacturer dominating the entire list.

  1. Maruti Desire: India’s favourite four-wheeler, the Desire got new updates recently which make it look sexy from the front. As for efficiency, Used Maruti Desire provides a mileage of 28.4 kmpl. Expect a used Maruti Desire to provide an efficiency of up to 26 kmpl; the highest among used sedan cars.
  1. Maruti Ciaz SHVS Hybrid: With an engine of 1.3-litre which provides 89bhp, the Ciaz Hybrid provides a fuel efficiency of 28.09 kmpl. Expect a Used Maruti Ciaz Hybrid to provide an efficiency of up to 26 kmpl; second highest among the used sedan cars.
  1. Tata Tigor: Making its debut after two Maruti models, the Tata Tigor with a 1.5-litre mill produces 69bhp and provides a fuel efficiency of 27 kmpl. Expect a used Tigor to provide an efficiency of 25 kmpl.
  1. Honda City: One of the most aesthetically pleasing models, Used Honda City with a 99bhp engine produces a power of 1.5 litres and provides a fuel efficiency of 26 kmpl. A used Honda City will provide a mileage up to 24kmpl.
  1. Ford Figo Aspire: Ford’s bestselling model, Figo Aspire is the pinnacle of the American manufacturer’s success in India. With a 100bhp engine which produces a power of 1.50-litre, the Ford Figo Aspire provides an efficiency of 25.8 kmpl. Expect a used Ford Figo Aspire to provide an efficiency of 23 kmpl.
  1. Honda Amaze: Yet another Honda model makes this list complete with Amaze. Its 100bhp engine produces a power of 1.50-litre, Used Honda Amaze provides an efficiency of 25.8 kmpl.
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