Intelligent Parking Assist System-Technology that gives you more confidence when parking

We have all  been in a huge parking lot before and not been able to find a parking lot. Also, many people find parking in difficult-to-fit spaces annoying. Car companies always want to make the driving experience comfortable for their customers.  So they have come up with new technologies to make parking easier in compact spaces.  This feature was first seen in 2003 in model Toyota Prius. Later improved version of this technology gained lot of publicity and was adopted by brands Lexus and Ford.

This self parking technology can seamlessly park your vehicle, with no hassle and without bumping any cars around you. This is a hands off process where you follow the instructions on the dashboard screen, press brake pedals and let your car do the work.

How does it work?

1. Various Components of the system

2. Target Position Localization: Is done using camera installed on the rear end of the vehicle.

3. Path Generator and Tracker: generates parking path for semi-automatic guidance

4. Active Braking System:consist of computer processor connected to camera and sensors

5. Active Steering System

6. Human Machine Interface

Intelligent Parking Assist System(IPAS) consist of computer processors which are connected to vehicle’s solar warning system,backup camera and two front sensors.  The sensors gives the input data to central computer processor and then the processor gives the imagery data obtained from backup camera and sensors on navigation screen.  Now the  driver gets  the visual parking information.  The information consist of angle of steering, obstacles, warning messages and proposed path which will be tracked by the vehicle.

Types of parking possible by IPAS

1. Reverse Parking: Car is parked in a vertical manner with respect to parking space.

2. Parallel Parking: Car is parked parallel to the road in line with other parked cars

Advantages of IPAS

It helps to park car neatly and systematically in compact space. This technology benefits the unskilled drivers

Limitation of IPAS

Vehicle becomes expensive. The system is not fully automated, final decision lies with driver. Trained driver may find the process time consuming.

Electronics is making mechanical operations more accurate and easier. IPAS partially depends on electronic system. This technology can be used a driver’s aid for parking the vehicle in suitable place.

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