Top 10 Tips to Choose Fuel Efficient Cars

Planning to buy a car soon? Are you stuck with the tons of options available, ranging from petrol cars to electric ones? Want to get a vehicle perfect for both your wallet and the environment? We understand that it can get quite nauseous to choose the right car for you.

We can help you choose the most fuel-efficient cars so you can bring out the most of your traveler instincts, all the while burning lesser fuel. Fuel-efficient cars are both the trend and the need of the hour, considering all the good they do to the planet.

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How to choose a fuel-efficient car?

How to Buy Fuel Efficient Cars

You can focus on the following tips and tricks to know how to choose a fuel-efficient car for you.

1. Size matters

When we talk about fuel consumption in general, it is a generic observation that the smaller the car, the more fuel-efficient it is! You can quite easily understand that the smaller the vehicle and the lesser its mass, the lesser the amount of fuel required to move it along the roads. They are usually cheaper, so you save money and fuel at the same time, especially in petrol cars and diesel cars.

2. Step down on the horsepower

A higher horsepower engine means a bigger engine. This, in turn, implies more consumption of fuel for running the car for a certain distance.

3. Say yes to gears

Look for cars that have additional gears. The gears of a vehicle generally ensure the engine is working at its maximum efficiency. More significant gears in your car would give way to a more efficient engine and car. Look for gears fulfilling your objective to have a fuel-efficient car!

4. Petrol cars vs. diesel cars vs. electric cars

Electric cars are said to use only one-third of the fuel consumed by the other ones. Even if you consider the petroleum used to produce the desired electricity, electric cars still come out as a more economical option, hence proving them to be the superior category of vehicles! Still it is essential to study petrol cars vs diesel cars vs electric cars, to make a profound decision.

5. Avoid the extras

These days, car companies provide many additional features such as power windows, remote car starters, and many more. All of these features add an extra strain on the engine, forcing it to consume extra fuel. Hence, if you are looking for an energy-efficient car, try to avoid or at least minimize the additional features you don’t need.

6. Attention to the wheels

Wheels made of aluminum are said to consume lesser power and hence lesser fuel. This is because they are lighter in weight than the regular wheels, therefore easier to move.

7. Block the heat

Many cars these days come with heat blockers that trap heat around the engine. This feature is handy for people living in the colder parts of the world, where the motor’s lower temperatures strain. The heat blockers keep the engine warm enough for it to start quickly and function more efficiently.

8. Safety first (or not)

Without a doubt, the driver and the passengers’ safety is one of the primary concerns while buying just about any vehicle. However, it is essential to understand that car manufacturers use this fear to sell their products at a higher price, even though there is little difference in manufacturing the different cars. Smaller and lighter vehicles that are not considered safe are safe enough and save you money on the fuel!

9. Control the speed

For long drives on highways, cruise controllers help to maintain the constant speed of the car. This increases the engine life and its efficiency to deliver nothing but the very best to you. It is a relatively new feature but is becoming increasingly popular by the day.

10. Mileage

Because we can’t talk about fuel efficiency and not about mileage. Look for a car that gives you a higher mileage, which means the distance it can travel for a given amount of fuel burned. Higher the mileage, more the efficiency of your car!

The points mentioned above must help you make the right decision while choosing your next car. Start with your checklist, so that you pick the right car for you. It can a petrol car, diesel car, CNG car or an electric car. Only you can decide which fuel type will be best for you as per your requirement. Check the vast listing at Droom to choose the most fuel efficient car for you. All the best and congrats beforehand!

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