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Top 10 Driving Hacks in the Rainy Season

It is the rain month. Wet, slippery roads are inevitably the new normal. According to data analyses, most number of road accidents occurs during the rainy season as a result of the wet roads. Below are the top ten driving hacks that may be useful to survive the rain month:

Drivering Hack in Rainy Season

Analyze the Weather Conditions

• Analyze the weather conditions before embarking on a journey. One of the foremost points to consider is whether one can drive in the weather.

• If the road is wet, driving is not encouraged. It is always wise to first wait till the conditions get better. If it is not urgent, you can always patiently consider the present conditions.

Usage of Headlights Mandatory

• Another very significant point to keep in mind is that one should always make it a point to use the headlights of the car.

• During the rains, visibility tends to drastically decrease and therefore one may not be able to see other cars coming in the way. Therefore, it is always advised to keep the headlights switched on.

Usage of Headlamps Important

• Also, it is equally important to check whether the respective headlamps are working.
• They should be adjusted properly so that the visibility gets clear and the headlamps point in the right direction.
• Additionally, as far as city dwellers are concerned, it is advised to keep the beams low so that the light does not apparently blind other people coming from the opposite direction.

Keep the Beams Low

Keeping the beams low ensures you get a clear view of the potholes and speed breakers.

Avoid Cruise Control

• As far as the usage of the cruise control is concerned, it is usually advised not to use it.

• Because the conditions are wet, switching off the cruise control keeps you in a better position to manipulate your driving as you want.

• Also, it particularly ensures you get a better feel of the road when they are turned off.

Keeping a Safe Distance Mandatory

• When the road is wet it is always advised to maintain a safe range.
• The wet surface increases the probability of skidding during an emergency braking.
• It should be known that skidding generally tends to increase the braking distance, therefore, increases the chances of a possible collision.

Be Careful with the Turns

Wet roads are particularly risky for sudden, narrow turns. Turns should not be taken bluntly. Usage of the horns while turning is very important.

Focus is Important

• Do not drive under any kind of alcoholic influence.
• Especially during the rainy season, it is advised to be alert, focused and vigilant at all times. Any human or animal may pop up suddenly on the radar, so one should be very keen.

Replacement of Wiper Blades

• It is always advised to replace the wiper blades once in every six months.
• Old wiper blades tend to decrease the visibility.

Check the Air Conditioner

• The air conditioner tends to cover the front glass with vapor, thus hindering a clear view of the front lane.
• Also, the windows should be checked and maintained properly.

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